School Bans All Flags From Property, Students Respond In Best Way Possible

When you have large groups of young people gathered in a centralized location, a problem or two may arise from time to time.


As with most problems, the key is to figure out how to fix it as soon as possible while not causing any other lingering damage.

Unfortunately, far too many folks want to leap ahead and execute their solutions without thinking through the consequences.

Such was the case for administrators at Rocori High School in Minnesota.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, the school “banned all flags from flying on the back of vehicles in response to some students flying Confederate flags on their vehicles last semester.”

While that’s one way to handle the problem, that didn’t strike at least one student as a reasonable solution.

“In response, senior Cole Staneart organized a protest that filled the high school parking lot full of trucks flying patriotic flags and symbols,” IJR shares.

Stanaert successfully demonstrated his point, as the parking lot was littered with vehicles covered with Old Glory. The school administrators realized the error of their ways soon thereafter.

“The administrators rescinded the flag ban and will deal with offensive symbols flown from the back of vehicles on a case-by-case basis from now on,” IJR adds.

The case-by-case approach seems to be the way to handle things, and it’s unclear why the school didn’t see it that way in the first place. There’s a lesson buried inside of that for all the social justice warriors out there that want to implement blanket solutions to address their grievances.

Perhaps they can also give Stanaert a jingle, as he seems to have a pretty good handle on how you deal with a perceived issue.

“If I see students [flying] a Confederate flag, I’ll ask them to take it down,” he said, according to IJR. “It’s not appropriate.”

Independent Journal Review