School Deems Girl’s Concern About Changing in Front of Bio Male Unimportant


Being a tenth-grade girl is already difficult enough without a biological male in the locker room to worry about.

You would think that in our once civil and decent nation, that any female would have a right to a female-only place where they could change their clothes in peace and privacy.

Not anymore.

The most oppressive form of patriarchy that exists in our nation is that of female erasure, where the hard-fought women’s rights that has occurred over the last century and a half was all for naught.

All men have to do is claim to be a woman and their rights instantly trump those of biological females.

Todd Stern reports:

A tenth grade girl at Pennsylvania’s Honesdale High School was changing in the locker room when she heard a man’s voice. She turned around to discover a biological boy wearing female underpants staring at her.

“When I knew that a man was looking at me I felt very violated and very scared. especially looking at me while i was getting dressed,” the unnamed girl said.

When the child complained to school officials she was told that the boy who identifies as a girl had a right to be in the girls locker room. And if she had a problem changing in front of a boy, she was told to wait outside the locker room until the transgender child had changed.

“My daughter does not consent to being seen by or to see someone of the opposite sex in her locker room,” the biological girl’s mother said.

The young lady (we are protecting her identity) has filed a civil rights complaint alleging the school district has violated her right to privacy.

“This school’s policy of allowing biological males to enter the female locker rooms constitutes a willful violation of the privacy rights not just of my client, but of every girl in that school,” Andrea Shaw, the young woman’s attorney, told Starnes on a recent appearance on his radio program.

“The privacy rights of these girls don’t change based on what a male believes about their gender,” she continued. “Their privacy rights belong to them and it is the school’s duty to protect those girls’ privacy rights.”

Shaw explained that the only issue the school had was with the young woman’s objection to a biological male in her locker room.

“They made it clear that they thought she was the problem,” she said. “They gave her the choice of either continuing to have to undress in the locker room with a boy present or he could wait outside the locker room until the (transgender) was done changing.”

Shaw said the school’s treatment of this young woman sends a terrible message to all the girls that attend the school:

“They are teaching our girls that if you are uncomfortable or scared to take your clothes off in front of a boy that there’s something wrong with you,” the attorney said.

This is shameful! We MUST stand up and demand our children are protected.

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