School “Equity Resources” List Reportedly Includes Instructions to Hex People Who Say “All Lives Matter”


The term “critical race theory” has gone from a relatively obscure ideology to one of the most hotly contested issues of the year, with much attention being drawn to CRT-style curriculum that many parents say unnecessarily alienates children of different ethnic backgrounds.

Most of the criticism typically surrounds misrepresentations of American history and an inaccurate focus on the role that white supremacy and slavery played in the American Revolution to teachings that portray white people, and thus, children, as inherently racist.

However, in a collection of CRT-style materials a California high school has complied in a list of so-called “equity resources” also includes a controversial suggestion that one can put a “hex” on people who make them angry by using phrases such as “all lives matter.”

Spencer Lindquist of The Federalist reported on the plethora of documents listed on the website for his alma mater’s school district, Campbell Union High School District, and made this alarming discovery.

“The page serves as a vast library for CRT resources and features 60 different links, including a Google Drive folder with 45 different documents,” he wrote. “The list made sure to include the full range of CRT buzzwords, with links like Raising Race Conscious Children, the infamous 1619 Project, Anti-Racism for Beginners, and Social Identities and Systems of Oppression, among others.”

“We are socialized into white supremacy from the moment we are born” the page states. “It is about completely dismantling how you see yourself and how you see the world, so that you can dismantle … white supremacy.”

A Black Lives Matter Resource Guide that the page links to includes a section entitled “Hex,” which instructs the reader that “Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration.”

It reportedly goes on to suggest that people who say things like “all lives matter” or commit “microaggressions” can be targeted by such hexes, and instructs, “Write your own hex poem, cursing that person.”

No doubt the inclusion of witchcraft in CRT-style teaching tools will give critics another reason to oppose it being used in public school classrooms. Don’t you think?

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