Schools Across The Country Gear Up For “No-Name Calling Week”


Political correctness is the chief tool public schools use to indoctrinate children with progressive ideology designed to undermine biblical, traditional, time tested principles and thought.

And a prime example of this is a program that is infiltrating classrooms all across the country called “No Name-Calling Week,” inspired by a pro-homosexual book for teens called “The Misfits,” written by James Howe.

Of course, not calling people names is a good thing and is part of the value system that parents should be instilling in their children, however, it’s not just being nice and kind to others — as in the Golden Rule — that’s being taught as part of this program. There’s also a significant amount of propaganda and half-truths being shoved down our children’s intellectual gullets.

Linda Harvey from WND has the details:

Here’s an example of the nonsense students are supposed to learn, taken from a GLSEN’s “No-Name-Calling” lesson:

“Anti-LGBT bias, along with racism, sexism, classism, and all forms of oppression, affect all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, by derailing our constitutional promises of equality, fairness and freedom for all people.”

Telling a 12-year-old girl that lesbian behavior is sinful is not “oppression.” It’s a kind message many ex-homosexuals are eternally grateful someone shared with them.

And those upholding God’s truth about homosexuality do not interfere with anyone’s “constitutional promises of equality.” No boy was born to have anal sex with another boy. There is already equality under the Constitution in our country based on noble concepts like religious faith and free speech, or immutable characteristics.

Neither homosexuality nor gender delusions fall into these categories. Those with same-sex attractions are protected equally based on the lawful application of our actual (not imagined) Constitution.

Actual bullying is never justified, but what about a frank suggestion, peer-to-peer? “Hey, friend, did you ever consider … not wearing a skirt?” Today, that would be called harassment, and any student delivering such advice would be subject to discipline.

Another great point brought up by Harvey in her post on this program is that the LGBT crowd continues to lobby for acceptance and demand to be treated with respect, yet how often do they shame, ridicule, and name call anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle?

Why do the standards the LGBT crowd push on others not apply to them? Why are they only reserved for the rest of society?

If they want initiatives like “No Name-Calling Week” to actually make sense and be taken seriously, perhaps it would be beneficial to extend the same courtesy to other groups of people who don’t think the same way?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely to happen and the hypocrisy will continue to spread, all for the sake of pushing the normalization of sexual immorality on future generations.