Seattle Autonomous Zone Enforces Border, Encourages Armed Citizens


To hear it from the mainstream media, you’d think that Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, is a glorious socialist utopia.

Well, it’s a socialist utopia that seems to have quite a bit in common with the platform of the very same president that these activists claim to be defying.

The Federalist explains that “CHAZ is protected by a strongly held barricade around its border. Residents must show identification to prove they belong there, and the borders are protected by armed guards there to ensure that no one enters other than members of CHAZ or Seattle residents whose homes are within the six blocks. Not only are there borders, but the group and its leaders hold right to refuse prospective residents.”

These all sound like rather practical and understandable practices for any sovereign nation, even the make-believe nation of Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists.

What is painfully ironic, however, is that the very same movement that has fomented the kind of extreme “anti-racist,” anti-cop activism that led to the establishment of the CHAZ in the first place has vehemently opposed the US’ use of border security for years.

That’s not all.

The Federalist continues:

The aforementioned walls are guarded by men with guns. Supporters of the zone have encouraged members to arm themselves, and there have even been reports of automatic weapons and machine guns in the area, the very things Democrats constantly try to limit and ban in Congress and state legislatures.

Along with having to supply photo ID to enter the autonomous zone, residents attempting to enter their homes or places of business have reported stop-and-frisk tactics, something Black Lives Matter protestors and the left in general have decried. Stop-and-frisk was deemed unconstitutional in 2013, but it is still a popular talking point for anti-police protestors.

The irony is almost too painful. By claiming to be completely autonomous from the US’ law enforcement entities, they are simply inventing law enforcement themselves.

It’s like a bizarre social experiment in which they’ll all end up ultimately playing themselves by demonstrating how important the very simple institutions of border security and law enforcement really are.

As The Federalist concludes:

For a group calling for free college, socialized medicine, and other popular liberal policies, it is interesting but unsurprising to see that they cannot live up to their beliefs when actually governing. Instead of serving as a communist utopia of collectivism and social justice, CHAZ highlights how similar the “revolution” looks to everything it professes to combat.

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