Seattle Bartender Slashed Across the Face With Broom Handle Over Proof of Vaccination Dispute

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

A Seattle bartender was wounded in the face after telling a customer he had to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination status to be served.

The customer became violent, pushing the bartender’s colleague and ultimately slashing her across the face with a sharpened broom handle, as she told Fox 13 last week.

Felicite Ogilvy, who works at Joe’s Bar and Grill, said the situation “turned into being aggressive really, really quickly.”

“I asked him, ‘do you have your vaccination card?’ and he said ‘I’ve had the vaccine but I don’t have the card’ and I was like OK but you need to have proof of it,” she told KOMO-TV.

The man then became angry and violent and Ogilvy was forced to kick him out of the establishment.

“I grab him and throw him out and as soon as I throw him out, that’s when he threw his stick at my face and hit my face. I didn’t even know I was bleeding yet,” she told Fox. “The minute I looked down, my sweatshirt was full of blood.”

Ogilvy needed 30 stitches on her face.

“If it wasn’t my cheek, it could have been my neck, it could have been my eye,” she said.

The suspect was still at large as of last week. Police were asking the public for any information on the man’s identity or whereabouts.

Ogilvy said she disagrees with King County’s vaccine requirement.

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