Seattle Mayor Resigns After FIFTH Accusation of Child Molestation


This week, Seattle mayor Ed Murray resigned when a fifth person came forward alleging sexual abuse at the hands of Murray when he was a young teenager. Coverage was minimal nationally, probably because the media was probably too busy freaking out over the Ted Cruz Twitter account–which the Senator does not even manage–liking a porn video.

This is the world we live in, where a homosexual and likely pedophile mayor breezes quietly under the radar of the mainstream news, as they fall all over themselves at the chance to call a conservative Christian Republican Senator a hypocrite.

This double-standard is beyond sick.

Let’s look at the facts:

Ed Murray’s resignation as the mayor of Seattle came shortly after the fifth alleged child sex victim of Murray’s came forward. That’s right, the fifth individual alleged victim of sexual abuse at the hand of this openly gay mayor.

Murray was, up until the allegations began, a rising star in the Democratic party. He has so far claimed the allegations of abuse are all a mere conspiracy to take him down for his advancement of progressive policies like gay rights and the $15 minimum wage hike. (You know, like the right-wing conspiracy that produced all of Clinton’s sexual assault victims over the span of four decades.)

The Seattle Times reported yesterday that Murray issued a statement announcing his resignation rather than appearing in public.

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our city government to conduct the public’s business,” the mayor said in his statement.

Murray has consistently denied every allegation that has been raised against him and maintained his denial even as his own cousin came forward as one of his victims. The cousin claimed Murray sexually molested him as a teenager when he and his mother were staying in the Murray family home in New York the 1970’s.

“The accumulation of these accusations and now coming from a family member just made it essential that he resign,” said Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess.

Calls for his resignation have been constant since the allegations first arose, with even LGBT groups turning against him and demanding he resign. Until Tuesday, Murray had refused, although he had ended his re-election campaign in May.

The allegations of sexual abuse began in April when five men came forward to claim that Murray had molested them as teenagers. Two of these men had been his former foster children, and one of them actually filed suit against him, which is what brought these allegations to light.

According to the Seattle Times, Jeff Simpson, one of Murray’s former foster children who says became one of Murray’s victims at the age of 13, said of the resignation: “I couldn’t believe it. I was like, you know what? God is good. When you’re doing the right thing and don’t quit before the miracle, God takes care of stuff. It’s just on his time.”

Ed Murray is not the only Democratic politician to be currently wrapped up in a child sex abuse scandal. The Daily Wire posted an article today about other Democratic politicians who have been in Murray’s position, as well as a list of politicians who have received donations from the website, which has allegedly been linked to child sex trafficking and pornography.

The Daily Caller also had an article this week about the number of mayors who have been accused of pedophilia since 2016–it’s a whopping 11. And don’t forget the Democractic councilman who resigned after his “furry” sex fetish came to light.

Now, juxtapose this with the way the media treated Ted Cruz after one of his staffers, who manages the Ted Cruz Twitter account, inadvertently liked a porn video. Far more major outlets picked that story up, including the Huffington Post, which gleefully posted an NSFW video of topless porn stars mocking the Senator for the incident, which of course he had literally nothing to do with.

Who looks more guilty? The man who has been loyal to his wife for decades, consistently pushed for pro-family, moral legislation, has an outspoken Christian faith, whose reputation couldn’t even be tainted by Donald Trump during the 2016 election? Or the openly gay progressive mayor who has five separate allegations of sexual assault including CPS investigation conclusions that he had abused his foster children, whose only leg to stand on is that he was never form charged?

If you’re the left-wing news media, the answer is always the Christian.

This hypocrisy is, of course, insane, but is it really that shocking? Not really. Pedophilia is the logical conclusion of much of the left’s agenda, no matter how much they try to downplay incidents like the scandal surrounding Ed Murray.

These are people who are committed to perverting and sexualizing children, and they demonstrate it every day. Just consider the way they reacted upon finding that Trump’s daughter Ivanka calls her father “daddy,” exposing the way their sick minds work. Or the left-wing rag Teen Vogue suggesting masturbation to young girls to relieve stress. Or how about the disgusting way the gay community tried to claim 3-year-old Prince George as a “gay icon” over a perfectly innocent photograph of the child simply being a child?

Ed Murray is why we need to stop sexualizing children. There are real, live predators out there, in powerful places, who are pushing the agenda to normalize immoral sexual behavior. They try to dress these issues up as some kind of civil rights issue, but it’s not. It’s about making sexual perversion mainstream and destroying the innocence of our children.

Activist Mommy: stop sexualizing our children!