Seattle Politician Who Wants to Defund Police Called 911 Amid Crime She Wants Legalized


A member of the Seattle City Council who helped lead the effort to defund the Seattle Police Department this summer called 911 last week to report a crime that she has been trying to see decriminalized.

Oh, 2020.

The Post Millennial reported that according to police sources to the neighborhood safety group Safe Seattle, Council Member Lisa Herbold called 911 to request police respond to damage done to her home.

Such a crime is a misdemeanor offense, the very same type of crime that Herbold has been working to decriminalize when committed by “…persons with symptoms of addiction or mental disorder” or persons who were attempting “…to meet a basic need to survive.”

A man allegedly threw a rock through the progressive councilwoman’s window, according to a redacted police report. She told the officers who responded that she “was on the west side of the living room near the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and dove into the kitchen for cover.”

According to one witness, a culprit leaving the seen appeared to be “…unathletic and a bad runner.”

The man was described as being a clean-shaven, white male in a black hoodie and jeans. The witness told officers he would recognize the suspect if he saw him again but declined the officer’s business card for the sake of following up with police.

Now, there does not appear to be any way to determine if this man was mentally disabled or an addict, but Herbold, the chair of the Seattle City Council’s Public Safety Committee, certainly wouldn’t have known either way. Rather ironically, as it happens, in October, she introduced legislation that would render this crime legal in such a case.

Her bill seeks to “…excuse and dismiss” almost all misdemeanor crimes committed in Seattle by “…persons with symptoms of addiction or mental disorder.”

The PM notes that “at the time, Herbold was criticized for trying to sneak the legislation in as part of the budget cycle rather than through the normal legislative process and with no public discussion about the proposal.”

“Last week, Herbold, had her first formal discussion on the legislation, and now wants to add legal defense to the Seattle municipal code, which would provide an affirmative defense for someone who committed a crime because they needed ‘…to meet a basic need to survive.’ Herbold said she wants a jury to hear a defendant’s explanations for the crime and for the jurors to decide if the crime was committed to ‘… supply a basic need.’”

Was the man who threw a rock through her window perhaps just seeking refuge from the elements or sentience for his starving belly?

Herbold certainly doesn’t know.

But she didn’t hesitate to inform the police she wants to defund that such a crime had been committed.

The PM adds, “Herbold’s call for police assistance at her home comes just weeks after she and her fellow council members defunded SPD by an additional 18% in the 2021 budget. This followed millions of dollars in cuts this summer to SPD by the council, with Herbold being one of the main proponents of the cuts including cuts to the Navigation Team, which offers services to the homeless.”

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