Seattle Schools Reportedly Promote Abolishing Police With New Kindergarten Curriculum


The children of Seattle are about to receive an entirely “woke” education, Lord help them.

According to an exclusive report by The Post Millennial, Seattle Public Schools sent out an email to faculty late last week promoting educational resources that will enable teachers to indoctrinate children with social justice propaganda, including abolishing police and capitalism. The email also allegedly acknowledged the riots that recently plagued Seattle, but The Post Millennial claims that the schools tried to “justify the violence in the name of social justice.”

The email was reportedly sent by Romualdo “Wally” Gutierrez, Digital Learning Specialist, Curriculum Assessment & Instruction and pointed staff to “three resources for continuing conversations about last week’s riots and social justice,” prominent among which is a platform called Woke Kindergaten.

According to its mission statement, “Woke Kindergarten is a global, abolitionist early learning community, creative expanse and consultancy supporting children, families, educators and organizations in their commitment to abolitionist early education and pro-Black liberation.”

On its Facebook page, Woke Kindergarten notes that it “is a global, abolitionist early learning community. All Power to the Little People! This page is ANTI-RACIST, PRO BLACK, AND LIBERATORY. #AbolishthePolice #ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER”

In a Woke Kindergarten social media post linked in the email from Seattle Public Schools, the organization shared their latest kids video, spewing a grossly misleading narrative that every single BLM protest over the past summer.

“Y’all know me—when there aren’t any resources to serve as entry points into conversations about the everyday realities of racism and white supremacy in America, I get to work creating them,” the post said.

Other posts on Woke Kindergarten’s Facebook page leave no room for confusion regarding their stance on police:

The Post Millennial shared several other alarming graphics from Woke Kindergarten:

“This one in particular encourages kids to interrogate the differences between how Black Lives Matter protestors and Tr*mp supporters are treated by the p*lice through using photography as the medium to introduce them to these contrasts,” the post goes on, treating “police” and the name of former President Donald Trump like swear words.

The school email also reportedly linked staff to a “social justice” version of the popular video game Minecraft:

With issues like this, it’s no wonder at all that Washington State Public Schools have lost over 47,000 students through December in the 2020-21 school year. Rather than subject their children to the cultural Marxist propaganda du jour, Washington parents are making the move to utilize private schools, pod schools, or to teach their children themselves at home. One parent who wished to remain anonymous told The Post Millennial, “I did not realize what my kids were being taught until I had to listen to it every day in my living room.”

Don’t wait until you’re confronted with the errors your children are being taught as truth. Face it head on and protect them now!

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