SELF Magazine on How to Relax During an Abortion, Complete With Playlist Recommendations


If abortions are so safe and easy, why does SELF magazine feel the need to recommend a plethora of ways in which you can mentally and physically prepare for an abortion, including ways to drown out the vacuum by listening to Beyonce?

I can’t decide if the lifestyle magazines recommendations are more infuriating or poignant, considering how very much their article seems to expose what a horrific and traumatizing thing abortion is.

Of course, the fact that there’s a whole list of ways to distract yourself from the fact that you’re about to allow someone to murder the unborn baby in your womb is simply abhorrent.

In what will come as no surprise, the article is nothing more than a load of abortion-normalizing propaganda that makes false claims and disgusting suggestions.

Life Site News reports:

Listening to Beyonce songs while having an abortion is “empowering,” according to SELF magazine, which also advises young women to use a “calm coloring book” as they wait for their abortion to begin.

In “15 ways to mentally and physically prepare for your abortion,” SELF, a woman’s health and wellness magazine, warns abortion-seeking readers that they “might come across anti-abortion advocates outside of the health center” and pro-life websites on the Internet. The article also claims that in some states, “your doctor may be required by law to lie to you or give you written materials with false information about abortion.”

“The information included in that counseling varies by state, but sometimes this means that abortion providers are legally forced to share medically inaccurate information, like that abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer” or can cause infertility, the article continues, insisting, “science doesn’t support this.”

“Based on the state in which you live, your doctor may also have to perform an ultrasound and show you the resulting image, offer you the chance to see the image, or describe what the fetus looks like,” SELF explains.

Other abortion preparation tips featured in the article are, “try to let go of expectations about how you should ‘feel’ about your abortion,” decide how it will be paid for, “consider bringing along a supportive companion,” and “consider talking to a mental health counselor before and/or after your abortion.”

The article also goes on to claim that abortion is “safer than childbirth”, which Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life told Life Site News “probably won’t fly with the 68 women removed from the St. Louis abortion clinic by ambulance.”

“Women are better served pointing out the 49 pages of medical emergencies listed on the Operation Rescue website,” she adds.

Along with this highly deceptive propaganda, the magazine has lots of creative ways for abortion-seeking women to distract themselves from the termination of their preborn children:

An abortion doula named Megan Aebi suggested that for something SELF described as “more stereotypically empowering,” “You can stream Beyoncé before, during, and after your procedure if you want.”

“If you’re going to be awake during a surgical abortion and want relaxation or distraction, listening to something might be helpful,” the magazine says. “Aebi recommends women seeking a sense of calm download a guided meditation app or curate a playlist of serene songs.”

Music playing through earbuds is “something to drown out the vacuum so you won’t be triggered the rest of your life when you vacuum or hear a dentist drill,” said Forney.

Did they not read this back after they wrote it? This is one long self-justification for one of the most grievous crimes against humanity imaginable, one that has taken the lives of over 60 million children and caused irreparable spiritual and psychological damage to countless women.

Do they really think the moral implications of abortion and the emotional and physical risks women take when procuring them will all just go away with the right playlist in their earbuds?

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