Breaking: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Officially Announces End Of Obama’s DACA

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced this morning that former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be ending – a controversial move that follows days of speculation that the Trump administration was headed in this direction.


As CNBC reports, Sessions declared during a press conference this morning that DACA constituted unlawful overreach by Obama given the fact that it was signed into existence not through Congress-approved legislation but via an executive order by the former President.

As reported previously, contained in DACA is a loophole that has allowed thousands of young illegal immigrants to get green cards through means not available to those attempting to immigrate legally to the United States.

In light of DACA’s dubious nature, several conservative states vowed to file litigation against the Trump administration should they not rescind the overreaching program.

CNBC reports that Sessions’ announcement today – which will affect 800,000 young people currently enrolled in the DACA program – now “sets up a potential rush for lawmakers to pass a bill protecting so-called dreamers before the Trump administration’s deadline.”

That deadline is six months from now – a buffer period granted with the intention of giving Congress a chance to plot its next steps concerning today’s announcement.

See Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ full statement delivered this morning below.

In the wake of this morning’s announcement, quite an uproar has gone up online among triggered liberals.