Sex Doll Brothels Pave the Way for Fulfillment of These Despicable Sex Fantasies


It truly is ironic how, following a revolution in the US and abroad over the last half-century that has dramatically changed Western attitude towards sex, marriage, and gender roles, women seem to have willingly demoted themselves to sexual objects with no requirement for commitment: the perfect male fantasy.

We can give feminists the benefit of the doubt that they probably never imagined their sexual revolution would go this far, but conservatives and Christians certainly knew the direction it was heading. And it is honestly far worse than the objectification of women.

A few months ago we wrote an article about a man who was one of the creators of “Samantha,” an interactive sex doll, is so proud of his vulgar invention that he switches her into “family mode” and lets her hang out with his kids.

Now, sex dolls are the main attraction at a German brother called “Bardoll” which has been wildly successful so far.

According to the Daily Mail, the owner, 29-year-old Evelyn Schwarz thought it would be a great business venture after “originally looking into S&M” (whatever that means) and purchased 11 sex dolls for €2,000 (roughly $2360) each.

The dolls vary in height, hair color, and bust size, and one even resembles a blue-haird anime character, which might give you some kind of idea of Schwarz’s clientele base, although she claims her business attracts all kinds.

“From those on benefits to judges. Seventy percent of men also come back,” she says, also explaining that she thinks that “For many, it is not a fetish, but more of a curiosity.”

Strangely enough, Schwarz says, the wives of her clients seem to be perfectly tolerant of their husband’s activity at the brothel and can often be seen ‘waiting outside in the car’ while their husband is inside…cheating on them with a doll.

Schwarz thinks that wives “see it as a toy.”

Although according to Austrian psychologist and co-chair of the Austrian Society for Sexual Research Gerti Senger, it’s probably much more complex, and disturbing, than simply “playing with a toy.”

Senger says the appeal of being intimate with a sex doll is two-fold: “First, the man can do anything with the doll. Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute.”

She has also been shocked to find that some sex dolls are more popular than real flesh-and-blood prostitutes and calls this  “a real autistic tendency”.

In the possibility of sex doll brothels, many men are seeing the possibility to objectify women and have guilt-free extra-marital sex, but it goes much deeper than that.

The owner of the world’s first sex doll brothel in Spain, Sergi Prieto, told the Daily Star that two of the requests he gets most frequently are for the fulfillment of rape fantasies and child sex dolls.

While Prieto says he turns these requests down for “ethical” reasons, there are many manufacturers who are producing child sex dolls and some have even suggested giving them to the NHS in the UK on a “prescription” bases as a kind of twisted therapy for pedophiles.

Child sex dolls are currently banned in the UK, but this isn’t stopping the flow of black market trade of the life-like dolls.

It is absolutely preposterous to suggest that life-like sex dolls will help anyone with a sick sex fantasy curb that fantasy. The widespread availability of pornography has only made our culture more sexualized and there is a clearcut connection between consuming porn and sex crimes. 

The more we normalize anyone–women or children–as sex objects using dolls, the more this will be normalized in real life.

Sadly, child sex dolls are completely legal in the United States, but you can take action–please sign this petition to have the sale of child sex dolls banned!