Is Sex Ed Reducing Pregnancy and STDs Among Teens….Or Having the Opposite Effect?


Sex ed in our public schools is an absolute nightmare. “Health” classes have long been transformed into institutionalized Teen Vogue columns, teaching children about sex for pleasure, gender identity, and homosexuality.

It’s called Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and its advocates swear up and down it’s all in the name of prevention. Abstinence-only education has long been criticized for “not working” because, as the argument goes, if you teach children not to have sex they’ll cluelessly get pregnant and not understand how it happens.

Of course, simply explaining to young people the practical and moral benefits of holding off on sexual activity until one is safe in the confines of marriage certainly doesn’t need to exclude the basic biological realities of how pregnancy happens and how dangerous STDs are.

So why push this “sex positive” smut on children? Most moral, conservative, Christian Americans these days certainly have their theories. Whether or not it is a scheme straight from Satan to corrupt generations of young people and slowly erode the moral fabric of our country or not, there is one fact that is coming to light about this kind of sex education:

It doesn’t work. 

That’s right–according to a recent article from The Washington Times, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, or CSE, not only does little to prevent teen pregnancy and STD rates, it actually might be exacerbating them.

In a recent study released by the Institute for Research and Evaluation, “Re-Examining the Evidence: School-Based Comprehensive Sex Education in the United States,” researchers found that teaching students about proper application of condoms, which is supposed to reduce the risk of STDs among teenagers, seems ineffective.

IRE examined the very same studies that the Department of Health and Human Services uses to deem 18 school-based CSE programs “evidence-based” pregnancy and STD prevention programs. IRE, however, did not draw the same conclusions that HSS have, finding that some evaluations had not even measured program impact on pregnancy or STDs. Those that had, proved “no evidence of effectiveness” when analyzed using the prevention research standards.

“According to IRE’s analysis,” The Washington Times reports, “none of these school-based CSE programs showed effectiveness at increasing consistent condom use among sexually active teens — a behavior that can reduce STDs. This is especially concerning in light of the recent Centers for Disease Control data, from their annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report, showing an estimated 20 million new STD infections in 2016, with young people representing half of those infections.”

“More troubling still,” they continue, “the peer-reviewed studies examined by IRE and HHS showed that four of the 18 federally endorsed CSE programs actually increased teen pregnancy or sexual activity, including oral sex.”

The report points out that the federally-funded Teen Pregnancy Prevention programs were using “cherry-picked” data to demonstrate their effectiveness while ignoring larger independent studies that produced data indicating a general ineffectiveness of the programs.

Yet, these programs have no problem sexualizing condom use, as The Washington Times points out, saying that one CSE program, “Making Proud Choices,” “eroticizes condom use, telling children, ‘You can use condoms as a method of foreplay You can think up a sexual fantasy using condoms tease each other sexually while putting on the condom.'”

This isn’t the only way “Making Proud Choices” implants highly sexual ideas in young student’s minds, despite claiming to be an abstience-only program. In response to the question, “How do people express their sexual feelings? What is Abstinence?” The manual says, “Answers may include oral sex, dancing, masturbation grinding, sexual fantasy, anal sex, touching each other’s genitals saying I like you.”

How disgusting is this? As they’re shoving highly-sexualized material down our children’s throat, horrifying parents who sometimes aren’t even informed that lessons of this nature will be taking place, it’s actually increasing STDs and teen pregnancy. 

And they say abstinence-only doesn’t work? Hogwash!