Sex Toy Company Selling Penile Products To Transgender Children


*Warning* This post contains graphic images and content matter. 

The transgender agenda has become the ultimate Trojan horse for normalizing the sexualization of children.

When else in society has it been so socially acceptable to discuss sex, genitalia, and bizarre fetishes with children?

British public schools are hosting drag queens to read to preschoolers and celebrating gender confusion (while banning objection from being heard) while American public libraries also feature drag queen story time and “Genderful!” gender confusion parties. High schools crown biological women homecoming “king” and allow boys to shower in the girl’s locker room.

Childhood innocence in the West is dying, and the bizarre push to eliminate gender is killing it.

The latest and possibly most outrageous example of gender insanity is the online shop which sells…gear…for transgender children. That is, children who are confused and potentially suffering from a mental illness who have been convinced by the adults in their life that this is perfectly normal and that they can totally be the opposite sex with the right hormone treatment, surgery, and of course, prosthetics.

In short, along with an array of gender-confusion-positive story and coloring books, the site sells prosthetic penises as well as accommodating underwear and odd implements presumably designed to assist a little girl in using a urinal.

As if this isn’t perverted and shocking enough, get this–the site is owned by Searah Deysach, who also runs a site for adult “packers”, as the prosthetic members are called in the “FTM” community, and a successful “feminist sex shop” in Chicago, Early to Bed.

FTM Essentials, the adult “gender expression gear” website that Deysach runs, says they have over 15 years of experience, and she shared in an interview that she began the website as well as TransKids because so many of the people coming into her sex shop were women pretending to be men or parents trying to find “packers” that were the right size for their children (this is particularly shocking considering the incredibly small percentage of the population that is actually transgender).

Deysach claims to be the parent of a “young transgender girl”, who, based on this 2013 USA Today interview, is being raised by her and her lesbian partner and is probably about 8 or 9 today.

What are the odds a lesbian who runs a feminist sex shop and two websites for female-to-male prosthetics would have a transgender child herself?! 

It is truly heartbreaking to think of the condition in which this child was raised and the confusion it must have caused him. Who knows how much of his decision to live as a woman is truly is, and how much is at the urging of the adults in his life.

As for the perverted online shop, how responsible or even legal is it, actually, to sell artificial child genitalia? Why isn’t this being regulated? Anyone can log onto this website and buy these products. If transgenderism is so real and deserving of serious medical attention, isn’t it completely irresponsible to be selling these products without an actual diagnosis from a doctor?

Congressman Don Donovan recently introduced a bill to ban child sex dolls from sale in the United States. If we are trying to prevent the legal sale of sex dolls, why aren’t we trying to prevent an unregulated sale of child sex prosthetics?

Let’s contact our representatives and let them know that this is unacceptable and irresponsible! Let them know that this website, TransKids, should not be allowed to freely market and sell this incredibly sensitive product without any government oversight. It is already far too easy for perverts and misguided parents to access exploitative material with which to corrupt and confuse young children.

A line has to be drawn somewhere!