Shocking Video Exposes Police Officer Trampling on Pro-Life Group’s Free Speech


Pro-life activists from the group Created Equal recently took part in a four-week “Road Trip for Life” tour across six states to do counseling and outreach outside abortion clinics as well as high school and college campuses.

Many of their visits to schools went smoothly, but as they finished up work at Muncie Central High School in Muncie, Indiana, school administrators and the high school resource officer confronted them, demanding they leave.

At the time, the Created Equal team was on public property and had earlier confirmed with local police that they were free to set up their signs there. In spite of this, the school resource officer insisted they remove their signs and when the team refused, he began taking them down himself, seemingly to confiscate them.

The Created Equal team asked for his badge number and while he confirmed he was a police officer, he scoffed and downright refused to show them his badge.

The team eventually called local police officers who came to the scene and confirmed that they were on public property and it was perfectly within their rights to set up their signs there.

This officer was blatantly denying the Created Equal team their freedom of speech, and most likely at the urging of the clearly angry school administrators. It is sad to think that these adults would go to such great lengths to prevent high school students from seeing the pro-life signs.

The signs depicted images of healthy, living babies in the womb as well as graphic images of aborted babies. Like many who deny the cruel reality of abortion, it was most likely the content of the signs that school administrators were offended by and didn’t want the school children to see.

But it doesn’t matter how much you turn away from these shocking images, they are the face of abortion and these victims can, in death, serve to revitalize a culture of life in our nation, thanks to brave warriors like the Created Equal team.

As long as the murder of millions of innocent children continues in our country, we must fight for our First Amendment right to expose it! Please help support Created Equal and pro-life activists everywhere by signing this petition to send a message to Muncie High School to stop trashing on our First Amendment rights!

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