Shocking Viral Video Shows Young Girls Collecting Tips on Stage With Drag Queen At Miami Club Late at Night


A video purportedly filmed inside a Miami drag club has been met with outrage as it appears to show two young girls collecting tips on stage with a performer as they’re encouraged to “get your money, girls.”

The video was filmed and shared by Angela Stanton-King, a pro-Trump political personality and the former candidate to represent Georgia’s 5th Congressional district.

King unleashes a volley of profanity in the video as she explains that these children, both of whom are donning masks, are up on stage, with a drag queen, at 11:40 in the evening in Miami. You can see the girls being paraded around on stage and told to strike poses and collect tips.

“Why in the h*ll do these people got these f***ing little bitty-ass kids at this f***ing drag show, y’all?” Stanton-King says as she begins filming the video which she would go on to post to Instagram.

“It is 11:40 at night, these people have children in a f***ing drag show,” she says. While in what is likely a slip of the tongue, she says she is in Los Angeles, but in the caption and a follow-up video, she corrected herself to clarify she had been at the Palace, a well-known LGBT nightclub in Miami, The Blaze reports.

You can view the video on Instagram here (warning: it contains profane language and images some may consider inappropriate for young children).

Stanton-King provides more profanity-laced commentary in which she explains that the young girls are being told to get the drag queen’s money and being allowed to keep some.

“[They’re] throwing money at these little girls,” she says, clearly infuriated.

According to a 2015 TripAdvisor review of the Palace, minors are not allowed inside as it is a 21+ establishment but may sit on the sidewalk, where the drag show takes place. Stanton-King’s video appears to have been taken from some sort of patio dining, so this is likely why the girls were there.

As they participate in the show, the drag queen instructs the girls on how to pose like drag queens and then to reach down and pick up the cash that the crowd was throwing at their feet.

“Hold on, that’s a twenty, give me that,” the performer says at one point, stuffing the bill down his shirt. A few moments later he returned it to the child, telling her, “Your first twenty as a drag queen means you’ve made it.”

“Got them picking f***ing money off the floor like they’re f***ing strippers or some s**t, now,” Stanton-King bitterly noted.

The Blaze reached out to the Palace to confirm details of the video but did not receive a response prior to publishing their story.

As we have reported extensively, there has been a major push to involve children with drag performances over the past several years, from schools, to libraries, to other nightclub performances or similar events.

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