Sick Movie About Romance Between Underage Teen and Adult Wins Best Picture


If you peruse the Internet for any amount of time, you’ll quickly come to see that the world today is starting to rot to the core as moral decay continues to consume the cultural landscape.

All you need to do to see this is true is look at the kind of entertainment and media being consumed by the masses. A survey of what is considered “popular” or “award winning” reveals that all you need for your movie to be critically acclaimed is to push one of the many pet causes of the liberal agenda and you’re in like Flynn.

Just look at the reception the new film “Call Me By Your Name,” a movie all about the relationship between a gay adult man and an underage teenage boy, is receiving from the artsy crowd. We actually wrote about this awhile ago, and it’s continuing to gain steam. The culture at large is just crazy about this thing!

In fact, the film just won “Best Picture” from the L.A. Film Critics Association. Yes, that’s correct, folks. A movie based around a perverse relationship between a 25-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy is winning the hearts and minds of the individuals who run Hollywood and who have a massive amount of influence on your children.

We are literally witnessing, before our very eyes, the slippery slope in action. It started with normalizing same-sex marriages, to which a large majority of Christians balked saying it would lead to further perversion being made acceptable. The left scoffed saying the slippery slope did not exist.

Yet look at how hard radical leftists are trying to make pedophilia and underage relationships “normal” and accepted. Online publication Salon caught all kinds of heat after publishing articles from a pedophile in an attempt to make it seem like something that’s just as natural as breathing.

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Call Me by Your Name has been chosen as best picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. The group met Sunday to vote on their picks for the year’s best.

Call Me by Your Name won a total of three awards, including best director for Luca Guadagnino — a tie with Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water — and best actor for Timothée Chalamet.

The Shape of Water also won three awards, including best actress for Sally Hawkins and best cinematography for Dan Laustsen.

While the fact that this film is getting critical praise is absolutely beyond disturbing, what’s really scary is what Stephen Whitty of the Newark Star Ledger had to say about it.

Whitty said, “There is no sin, it insists. There is just joy — and whether you find that in a cold glass of apricot juice or the warm embrace of a village beauty should matter to no one but you.”

No sin? Really? Think it’s safe to say God would differ with Whitty on this one. Significantly.

The very act of homosexuality itself is sin, whether those involved are adults or not. However, there’s something ultra gross about a film being touted as a piece of excellent art when it celebrates the sexual relationship between an adult and a child.

People will, it seems, lift up anything that appears to be controversial or edgy as being “high art,” when in reality, it takes little creative effort to entertain while being offensive.

Daily Wire has a few other disturbing reviews for the movie:

“A powerfully erotic and affecting love story, albeit one so closely and intimately observed that the term ‘slow burn’ seems almost inadequate,” says Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times.

“Refreshingly fun, erotic, non-judgmental and both intellectually and emotionally smart,” says Bob Strauss of the Los Angeles Daily News.

So what kind of message does the celebration of this film send to sexual predators out in the world? That maybe one day it’ll be acceptable for them to have sex with underage children, so long as they “consent?”

It’s appalling to say the least.

This is a clear case of the Overton Window. The left is continually moving the “window” of what society deems acceptable, bit by bit, over a long stretch of time. They have an end goal in mind and each move of the window makes it easier for the masses to blindly accept what they’re pushing.

It started with the whole “free love” deal decades ago, progressed to the same-sex marriage push, and now into pedophilia.

This is why it’s more important than ever for parents to educate children about sexuality according to the Word of God and help protect them from the perverted influence of modern culture.