The Slippery Oppressive Slope of California’s Proposed Homeschooling Laws


When it comes to family values, public safety, individual liberty, and the Constitution in general, California is a great example of just how bad far-left policy gets.

This is a state that will jail or fine users of an incorrect pronoun, fought to reduce the crime of knowingly exposing someone to AIDS from a felony to a misdemeanor and to get sex offenders removed from the state-wide registry sooner, including rapists and pedophiles, and is currently considering a ban on faith-based counseling for homosexuals so severe, it would make it literally illegal for clergy to minister to anyone seeking spiritual guidance while struggling against same-sex attraction.

While at this point, homeschool laws are relatively minimal in the People’s Republic of California, lawmakers wasted no time leveraging the horrific discovery of the 13 beaten, abused, and malnourished Turpin children as an opportunity to introduce homeschool regulations that were much more in line with California’s fascistic legislative trends.

“Right now, two bills in the California State Assembly would reform home-schooling,” NPR reports. “The first is AB 2756, a bill introduced by Jose Medina, the assemblymember whose district includes Perris. In the bill’s initial draft, Medina included a provision that would require the Fire Marshal to inspect home schools once a year – but that met with quick resistance.”

The idea of a Fire Marshal inspection was quickly scrapped, but only to be replaced with a bill that proposed far more overreach of homeschool families.

“Assembly member Susan Eggman, a co-author of Medina’s bill, introduced another bill mandating that the state create an advisory committee to suggest reforms to the home-school system. That could be anything from home inspections to credentialing teachers to setting specific curriculums. The bill itself wouldn’t make those changes – that would be up to the legislature – but it’s still got some home-school advocates opposing it,” explains NPR.

Namely, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), who say Eggman’s bill “threatens our private homeschool freedoms in California” and could give the legislature “raw power to regulate private homeschooling, opening up even the possibility of home visits to observe the children and instruction and to inspect the home as the place of instruction.”

“Both of these bills are unnecessary,” the HSLDA explains on their website, “as their justification is based upon a false premise: ‘Homeschooling parents cannot be trusted because there is not enough government interactions with their children, which leads to abuse and neglect.'”

Homeschool parents, in fact, can be trusted, they explain, citing a recent study on homeschooling that “concluded that the frequency of abuse and neglect in states where there is very little oversight is not greater than it is in highly regulated states.”

Another researcher concluded that homeschoolers are 40% less likely to abuse their children than the general population,” they add.

Consider the kind of legislature that we mentioned previously that has been passed or considered in California recently. What are the implications of giving this state’s legislature the power to establish curriculum requirements or teaching certification?!

If you live in California you need to get in touch with the HSLDA and get working to resist this fascistic proposed bill. Contact your representatives and share this article with everyone you know, urging your friends and family to contact their representatives and share as well.

If you live somewhere else, share this article to spread awareness and keep your eye on news your own state’s homeschool regulations!