Smithsonian Celebrates “Pride” With “Age Appropriate” Drag Shows for Kids

Melinda, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Smithsonian American Art Museum is one of the latest entities to host a drag show aimed at children for an LGBT “pride” event, something which appears to be trending this year.

Last weekend, the taxpayer-funded museum hosted a “Pride Family Day” which included the “family friendly” show.

The Daily Signal reported:

The event Saturday encouraged families with young children to march outside the art museum in Washington with D.C.’s Different Drummers, a band made up of LGBTQ musicians; to “enjoy a dance party” hosted by an LGBTQ+ advocate and DJ; and to observe a “lip-sync drag show” hosted by four drag queens labeled “some of D.C.’s best performers.”

The art museum also encouraged families with young children to remain active throughout June by using its “Family Pride Zone” website, which offers Pride-inspired crafts, coloring sheets, and videos featuring drag queens and LGBTQ DJs.

The event was condemned by the Heritage Center’s Jay Richards, who told The Daily Signal, “It is absurd to refer to a drag queen show as ‘age appropriate’ for 3- to 5-year-olds.”

“A drag queen, by definition, is a man dressed up in an extreme and hypersexualized stereotype of a woman. It’s hard to imagine what parents would want to expose their children to men painted in ‘woman-face.’ And to add insult to injury, this is sponsored by a public institution supported with our tax dollars,” he also noted.

This week, conservative pundits have been slamming such kid-friendly drag events, particularly one that was held at a drag bar in Dallas, Texas.

The event, held at a club called Mr. Misster, was called “Drag Your Kids to Pride” and inspired one Texas lawmaker to propose legislation banning drag shows for kids and multiple suggestions that the incident be reported to police.

June is celebrated by the LGBT community as “pride month,” and it appears that this year, the theme is child-friendly drag. How many more similar events do you think there will be this year?

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