Snapchat Silently Pulls Questionable Pedophilia-Normalizing Filter After Public Outcry


June is here, and for most of us, that means flip-flops, cold drinks, and lots of time outdoors. For many in our deeply fallen culture, however, it means celebrating sexual immorality under the banner of “Pride Month.”

As the LGBT lifestyle is embraced and even promoted by society during the month that is now entirely devoted to it, all too often, as is always the slippery slope when such hedonism is embraced, we see predators sneaking in under the rainbow banner.

In celebration of “Pride Month,” social media behemoth Snapchat gifted its users with a new filter, titled “Love Has No Labels” to celebrate unconventional “love” like homosexuality…or worse.

It was quickly uncovered that there was an option where the filter would superimpose “Love Has No Age” on the photos taken with that filter, a clear nod to pedophiles who are inching ever closer to recognition and normalization as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Ashley St. Clair first brought attention to the hideous filter option in a tweet that has since gone viral:

As St. Clair said in a follow-up tweet, “The law would disagree with Snapchat!”

Let’s be serious. We know Snapchat and all the other “Pride Month” celebrants are talking about romantic, sexual attraction when they say “love”. And, according to the laws of all 50 states, love does have an age: at least 16 years.

If you don’t believe that kind of love has an age, kindly escort yourself to the nearest police station or maximum security psychiatric hospital.

Thanks to St. Clair’s tweet and the backlash it prompted, Snapchat quietly and unapologetically pulled the filter.

While this is a victory, it’s a very small one when you consider the fact that the mere removal of a highly questionable filter will have little effect on Snapchat’s notorious usefulness to pedophiles.

Snapchat was designed with teens in mind. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the company’s 190 million daily users are teenagers. This coupled with the app’s trademark disappearing messages make it a virtual goldmine for child predators. According to a 2017 Fortune report, forty-one percent of child sexual abuse victims were targeted through Snapchat in 2016 alone.

If Snapchat has no desire to make its product safe for its target market to use and instead chooses to brazenly embrace people who prey on children, decent parents have no business allowing their child to use this app.


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