“Social Justice Consultants” Land Contract With VA School District To Train Teachers in Critical Race Theory


One of Virginia’s largest public school districts has hired outside consultants to train its staff members to address bias and oppression and promote “social justice.”

According to West Nova News, Loudoun County Public Schools has released a “comprehensive equity plan” in order to combat so-called “systemic racism.”

“In addition to ensuring a racially conscious, identity-affirming, and culturally responsive learning space for every student and employee, Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to decreasing disparities, increasing opportunities and participation outcomes for rigorous learning, dismantling barriers and interrupting the status quo for the development of stronger equitable practices,” the district declares in an equity impact statement. “A diverse, inclusive, equitable and socially just teaching and learning community is a priority in LCPS.”

In order to create such a community, the district had previously worked with The Equity Collaborative to the tune of $422,500 to train staff on racial matters, including “critical race theory.” The vast majority of the sum, West Nova News reports, was spent in 2019 to coach staff members.

“The core tenets of our work are oppression analysis, learning theory, and coaching for change,” the Equity Collaborative declares on its website. “Creating equity requires an understanding of the creation of systemic oppression, as well as the way well-intentioned individuals perpetuate inequities through cultural schema and implicit bias. In order to interrupt biases and inequities, you must understand how human brains learn and grow over time. In this work the brains of both children and adults must be understood and supported. To provide that support, we believe in using a coaching approach as our primary intervention for provoking change and sustaining new practices over time.”

District public information officer Wayde Byard told the outlet that the district’s new contract with the Equity Collaborative will be used for training central office leaders and will last the duration of the 2020-2021 school year.

“LCPS has entered a new contract with The Equity Collaborative for a total of $52,000 for coaching and consulting services,” Byard told West Nova News.

The Equity Collaborative is led by Jamie Almanzán, who had previously served as been senior coach at the National Equity Project, and also served as director of learning and teaching at Pacific Educational Group, an organization founded by Glenn Singleton.

“Race matters — in our nation and around the world,” reads the PEG mission statement, in part. “It is critical that we address racial issues in order to uncover personal and institutional biases that prevent all people, and especially people of color, from reaching their fullest potential.”

“White people have a conscious or unconscious sense of superiority,” Singleton said in an interview back in 2017 with YES! Media. “So their place of operation is from this place of privilege and advantage, which they are seeing often as a neutral start, which allows for many white people who are unconscious about white supremacy and racism to believe themselves as people of greater proficiency, people of greater competency. That is a very dangerous mindset.”

Byard, however, claims that students will only be given age-appropriate instruction on racial matters.

“Critical race theory is not taught to elementary school students,” he told West Nova News. “Teachers follow the LCPS curricula to educate students to understand various perspectives so that they can think critically and develop individual viewpoints. LCPS wants to affirm diverse perspectives by engaging teachers and students in deeper learning around cultural literacy and authentic, challenging problems, including issues of justice and equity.”

This is exactly the kind of progressive trojan horse we’ve warned about in public schools for years now. Get your children out!!

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