Somali Asylum Seeker Breaks Into Hospital, Attempts To Rape Woman Giving Birth


One of the most contentious issues on the American landscape today is that of illegal immigration and whether or not our country should allow refugees from places like Syria inside the nation.

The obvious answer is, of course, no. We absolutely should not allow people from Syria into the country willy-nilly, especially without a lengthy vetting process to make sure they aren’t unstable or part of a radical Muslim terrorist group looking to sneak operatives in and carry out attacks.

If you need proof such a move is a bad idea, take a look at what’s happening in Europe. Europe has extremely lax immigration laws in most places, which allows Muslims to freely come and go into major countries like the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and others.

Terrorist attacks and brutal crimes carried out by Muslims in these countries has increased dramatically, like what recently happened in Rome to a 43-year-old pregnant woman who was in the delivery room giving birth to her child.

Breitbart reports:

A 38-year-old Somali man has been arrested after attempting to rape a 43-year-old pregnant woman in a hospital in Rome after he was able to sneak into the facility and dress up like a member of staff.
The incident occurred at the Sant’Eugenio in Rome at the end of December and saw 38-year-old Ali Abdella arrested shortly after the attack. He will likely be charged with aggravated sexual violence and theft, La Stampa reports.

The police in Rome say that the man had been living in Italy for the past 5 years as an asylum seeker and though he has a residence permit, has been arrested for crimes in the past.

According to investigators, the Somali was able to sneak into the hospital undetected where he then made his way to the maternity ward. His 43-year-old victim was in the delivery room when the attack occurred and said the man groped her and began to masturbate in front of her.

The woman then screamed for help and was heard by nearby doctors and nurses who then called the police.

Alessia Giordano is representing the Somali man and has told the local magistrate she is not sure why he was at the hospital that day, which has led many to believe she’s going to claim the man is mentally unstable and in need of psychiatric help.

This isn’t the first time a Somali man seeking asylum has gotten in trouble for sexual crimes. Back in 2016, a Somali male was arrested after sexually molesting two elderly men living in a care home in Germany.

What’s more disturbing is that human trafficking in Italy is largely run by Somali migrants, which should be a further clue that perhaps it’s time for the Italian government to revisit their immigration policy.

One of the legitimate functions of government is to secure borders and protect both the people and resources of a country from being abused by folks who aren’t citizens. When a government fails to do this, it’s failing in it’s duty to the people who call it home.

Hopefully, Italy will drop the progressive approach to this topic and use common sense to help shape an immigration policy that provides better protection for its people.