Some of the Hundreds of People Living With Transition Regret Are Beginning to Speak Out


The LGBT agenda has hijacked American culture, it seems. Between that and kicking God out of our schools, government, public spaces, and even our homes, it’s no surprise that we are experiencing an explosion of people struggling with confusion over their gender. Children are especially being affected by the misguided, false LGBT ideologies that have overtaken their schools.

Tragically, young people are making the decision to “transition” to the opposite gender and being encouraged to do so by LGBT activists who would rather see their agenda furthered than have people suffering from gender dysphoria or gender confusion seek out and get the mental health help they need.

A one-time trans activist is now speaking out about this phenomena…but not in the way you’d think.  Charlie Evans was born a female but identified and lived as a male for almost 10 years before deciding that was all a mistake and went back to living as a woman. She isn’t alone and she’s speaking out in the hopes that she can help others who are living with the regret of their transition to the opposite sex.

According to the Daily Mail:

‘Hundreds’ of people have contacted her, including 30 in Newcastle alone, asking for guidance around detransitioning – the process of becoming the gender they were born – after she went public with her decision last year, she told Sky News

‘I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,’ Ms Evans said. 

The people who get in contact with her are usually in their 20s, ‘mostly same-sex attracted’ and often autistic, she added.

One 21-year-old woman, who identified as male from the age of 13, reached out to Ms Evans because transitioning did not help her gender dysphoria. 

The anonymous woman said, “There is a system of saying, ‘okay here’s your hormones, here’s your surgery, off you go.’ I don’t think that’s helpful for anyone.” She is correct; it isn’t helpful to anyone and it’s downright negligent and irresponsible.

It has always been the philosophy of LGBT activists that people should “live their truths,” which usually involves a blatant denial of actual truth and the acceptance of delusions. The LGBT community should be encouraging those suffering from gender dysphoria or gender confusion because of societal pressures to be seeking mental health care so that they don’t end up regretting mutilating their bodies 10 years later.

It’s absolutely tragic to see so many young people being led astray by their own parents and irresponsible LGBT activists. The damage being done to their bodies during the transition process is often not reversible. Not to mention some of the drugs being given to those transitioning, including children, are just downright dangerous and can even be deadly.

What some transgender people are finding out is that physically transitioning never ends up actually resolving, in an real way,  their gender dysphoria. Evans is hoping to help others experiencing the regret of transitioning like herself. In her efforts to reach out to others she has started the Detransition Advocacy Network.

Evans, a science journalist, tweeted some real truth on the transgender topic saying, “We know that there is no such thing as a boy brain or a girl brain or that you can be born with the wrong one,” adding, “We know hormone blockers are unsafe because we need testosterone and oestrogen for development.”

Yet the medical community is happy to turn a blind eye to truth and science in favor of furthering the dangerous LGBT agenda. Those in the medical field are apparently fine with ignoring the aspect of mental health when it comes to transgender people. Doctors would rather mutilate their patients’ bodies, violating their Hippocratic oath, than face the angry mob of activists who demand we all defy reality to help them to deny the reality of their own bodies. 

In the same post, Evans makes a call for us to “#BeBrave and stand together” and we echo her sentiments. If we continue to be silent and complacent there will never be any hope of reversing the cultural course America is currently on. Now is the time to speak up and speak out. We can save people from going down the dark and dangerous path of physically transitioning if we continue to speak the truth in love.

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