Soros-Backed Arizona DA Candidate Linked to Abortion Clinics That Sold Fetal Organs


A district attorney candidate in Maricopa County, Arizona who is being funded by a George Soros-backed group has also received the endorsement of abortion clinics that are suspected of illegally selling fetal organs for profit.

Julie Gunnigle is being supported by Camelback Family Planning, with whom she held a campaign event in 2020, and Desert Star Family Planning, for whom she has fundraised a number of times.

The Washington Free Beacon revealed in a report this week that both clinics may have skirted federal law to sell fetal organs procured in abortion for profit.

Camelback Family Planning sold “maternal blood” and fetal “liver and thymus” between 2010 and 2015, although federal law prohibits the sale of fetal organs for profit.

The clinic reportedly sold $1,200 in fetal organs to StemExpress over the span of five years and was embroiled in a separate controversy when one of its workers was caught on camera coaching a woman on how to avoid Arizona laws that prohibit abortion on the basis of sex.

The clinic’s founder, Gabrielle Goodrick, lost her medical license in 2016 for using fentanyl she’d stolen from the facility.

Meanwhile, the founder and president Desert Star Family Planning was captured on camera by the Center for Medical Progress discussing harvesting fetal organs and joking about how she needs to “hit the gym” so her “biceps” could perform abortions on fetuses older than 20 weeks.

DeShawn Taylor could be heard in recordings discussing the importance of keeping fetuses “intact” so their organs could be harvested, and also implying that the clinic did not administer medical attention to fetuses that showed signs of life after attempted abortions, which would violate Arizona state law if true.

“In Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it,” Taylor said, referring to the state law as “a mess.” Taylor also said she “pays attention to who’s in the room” when determining what to do if a fetus shows signs of life.

As for Gunnigle, whose platform is typical of Soros-backed DAs professing to pursue “restorative justice” in American localities, she has vowed not to prosecute abortions performed after the state’s 15-week abortion ban.

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