Spokane City Council Proposes New Law To Silence The Church At Planned Parenthood, Accepts Planned Parenthood Campaign Donations


The elected officials of the City of Spokane, Washington are proposing an alarming bill that would silence The Church At Planned Parenthood, a worship movement that takes place outside abortion clinics across the country.

According to Anna Bohach, however, massive campaign donations from the abortion giant to more than half of Spokane city councilors, are likely playing a significant role in the oppressive legislation.

“The Church at Planned Parenthood is NOT a protest,” the organization’s website states. “It’s a worship service at the gates of Hell. The Church at Planned Parenthood is a gathering of Christians for the worship of God and the corporate prayer for repentance for this nation, repentance for the apathetic church and repentance of our blood guiltiness in this abortion holocaust.”


According to the Spokesman-Review, the bill, proposed by Councilwoman Lori Kinnear, seeks to allow Planned Parenthood patients and staff to kill and maim babies and mothers without the pesky sound of the Lord’s praise and worship in the background:

The new law would supplement the city’s existing noise ordinance, which Planned Parenthood officials and the nonprofit’s supporters have argued is not adequately enforced when scores of people gather outside its walls.

The proposal would bar activity that, intentionally or otherwise, causes “jeopardy to the health of persons receiving health services within the building” or “interference with the safe and effective delivery of health services within the building.”

Kinnear’s draft would rely on police to warn protesters of a potential violation before any enforcement actions are taken, but also enable individuals and health care providers to take legal action on their own. It includes a clause allowing “aggrieved” parties – including health care facilities, staff members or the patients inside them – to privately take legal action against disruptors in Spokane County Superior Court.

A first violation of the law would be a civil infraction, but a second within a year would be charged as a gross misdemeanor that could carry a punishment of at least 24 hours in jail and at least a $500 fine.

According to Bohach, several members of the church attended the council meeting in protest, arguing that the bill would limit their rights to free speech.

“The bill does not violate their freedom of speech,” Kinnear contended. “Certainly you could be out in front of the facility as long as you’re not blocking the driveway or blocking traffic with signs, you can be quietly protesting, That’s not the issue, it’s when individuals are intent on disrupting the activity inside a facility.”

“We’re not trying to stop their business,” Pastor Ken Peters said, however. “But we are, by worshipping there, bringing attention to what we believe is the American Holocaust and the slavery issue of our day.”

Bohach declared that the church has been careful not to do any of the things Kinnear alluded to in her statement and that local law enforcement routinely stop by church services to monitor the volume. As of yet, the church has yet to be cited for violating the noise ordinance.

Pro-abortion counter-protesters, on the other hand, have violated the noise ordinance in attempts to disrupt services and have received citations for it.

“Here is Planned Parenthood ‘Caring’ about the sound as they blast Sexual music for the little kids to hear during our TCAPP service,” Peters captioned a video of a Planned Parenthood supporter blasting music outside the facility. “Why not right? That music just helps their business in the end. It’s not about the sound to them, It’s the prayers, worship and the message we bring (Stop Murdering kids) that they hate.”

Here is Planned Parenthood “Caring” about the sound as they blast Sexual music for the little kids to hear during our TCAPP service. Why not right? That music just helps their business in the end. It’s not about the sound to them, It’s the prayers, worship and the message we bring (Stop Murdering kids) that they hate. #Share

Posted by Pastor Ken Peters – TCAPP on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Furthermore, Bohach argued that the church services are held on the grassy median next to the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood or across the street in front of the Salvation Army when pro-abortion activists show up and take over the grassy area. Streets, sidewalks, and entrances are never blocked by services.

In perhaps the most damning piece of evidence that this is little more than a ploy for Planned Parenthood to squash anyone who would harm their bottom line, Bohach revealed that five of the seven city council members have received large cash donations from the Planned Parenthood’s PAC:

Councilwoman Kinnear who introduced the bill has received $950 in campaign donations and Councilwoman Kate Burke has received $500 from the abortion giant.

The City Council President Breean Beggs has received $500, Councilwoman Candace Mumm has received $1,400, and Councilwoman Karen Stratton has received $1,700. Council President and members Beggs, Mumm, Kinnear, and Straton have also received a total of $3,650 from NARAL Pro-Choice and from the heads of the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund (who are on the board for Planned Parenthood Votes PAC and donated $500,000 for the new Planned Parenthood building in Spokane).

Let’s face it, The Church At Planned Parenthood hasn’t broken a single law. This law is little more than an attempt to snuff out any voice that would proclaim to abortion-minded women that they don’t have to murder their child, and that there is forgiveness and freedom in Christ.

These elected officials will gladly accept blood money and stifle constitutional rights in order to keep that gravy train rolling. Don’t let them!

The bill will be on the City Council’s docket for a final vote on March 2. In the meantime, let each and every Spokane City Councilor know that we know about every single penny they’ve received from Planned Parenthood. They can’t hide behind “patient wellbeing.” The truth is plain to see.

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