Spokane County Library Tries To Distance Itself From Drag Queen Story Hour Amid Funding Troubles


Last month, a Drag Queen Story Hour event at a public library in Spokane, Washington became exceptionally controversial after reports arose of a heavy police presence and rooftop snipers aimed at protesters of the event (you can read the article we wrote about this incident here).

Because of the hideous actions of the City of Spokane library system in aggressively defending perverts against peaceful protest, other libraries in the area are now suffering a tarnished reputation, one that is undeserved, as it so happens.

Amid financial issues and insufficient taxpayer funding, to be lumped in with the City library is the last thing the struggling County of Spokane library system needs. 

As it turns out, local taxpayers are wholeheartedly opposed to these sickening, child-targeting events, but confusion over which library system is responsible is putting county library funding in jeopardy.

While the City of Spokane, which operates its own separate library system from the county’s,  refuses to apologize for arresting and potentially risking the lives of protesters and exposing children to the incredibly controversial  “art” of drag, the county library system is now making sure to publicly distance itself from the Drag Queen Story Hour fiasco.

The Spokesman-Review reports:

Spokane County Library District leaders are asking voters for a $2 million property tax increase to avoid laying off staff and closing libraries, but they fear that backlash from the city of Spokane library system’s Drag Queen Story Hour could turn off voters.

Jane Baker, Spokane County libraries spokeswoman, said the district has received about 100 calls about the city’s Drag Queen Story Hour since the event drew a considerable public presence both on the South Hill and downtown in June. Many of the callers said they wouldn’t vote for the levy because they were against the story hour, or wanted to know if Spokane County libraries were planning to host its own.

“We’ve responded to each and every call, and the majority of them said they didn’t realize that program was at another library system,” Baker told the Spokesman-Review.

While Baker says the county library system tries to put on events in response to resident requests, she says no one has asked for a Drag Queen Story Hour to take place at any of the county library branches and that their current story hour program is “designed to help young children prepare for school and is led by trained library staff.”

Spokane County Library District Director Patrick Roewe reported to the Spokesman-Review that, although everyone was welcome to use library services, the county library district will not be hosting a drag queen story hour. 

This is great news! The community reaction to Drag Queen Story Hour has been so impactful that libraries who do not host them are bending over backward to make sure patrons know they have no intention to. 

Of course, our work is not finished yet! 

The American Library Association (ALA) is on a mission to normalize and promote Drag Queen Story Hour events nationwide. The Spokane County library’s actions do reveal that our voices are making a difference, and that we can continue to do so. Not only must we send a clear message to the ALA that Drag Queen Story Hours are confusing and harmful to children, we must reach out to each of our local libraries and respectfully let them know that we do not want them to entertain the idea of hosting such an event now or in the future.

Please sign our petition to make our stance to the ALA loud and clear, and call your local library today!


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