Sports Announcer Under Fire After Telling of How NFL Players’ Mother Chose Life When Pregnant


Pro-abortion advocates have exposed just how morally bankrupt the abortion agenda truly is. Over the weekend, during the Ohio State-Michigan game, one of the announcers caused a meltdown by daring to point out that one of Ohio State’s players wouldn’t be alive today had his mother gone through with aborting him when she was pregnant at 18-years-old.

Red State reports:

Gus Johnson apparently had the audacity to share that star running back J.K. Dobbins was almost aborted by his mother but that she chose life. Obviously, this has allowed Dobbins to not only live, which is pretty important alone, but also grow into the successful young man he is today.


This powerful pro-life testimony was too triggering for abortion-loving leftists. Apparently, the only abortion stories we are allowed to discuss in the public arena are those of women bragging about having one.

One Twitter user even demanded Johnson issue an apology to J.K. Dobbins and his mother, calling his account “disgusting.”  It’s really hard to understand what the apology would even be for but we assume for openly pointing out that abortion causes death, a fact liberals would rather not acknowledge. It’s hard to maintain the whole “abortion is women’s healthcare” argument when you factor in unborn babies being living human beings.

As the writer at Red State pointed out, “it’s ‘disgusting’ to [pro-aborts] talk about not aborting someone.” What a sad testament to the state of our society.

Another Twitter user was offended by the “stigmatizing” of abortion by Johnson, something celebrities claim to proudly fight against through their own horrific abortion stories. How dare Johnson force people to consider the fact that abortion is the ending of human life. The truth of this is obviously incredibly uncomfortable for pro-abortion zealots to think about.

‘Why is it necessary to discuss a mother’s reproductive choices to extol the talents of a brilliant player? So weird. So stigmatizing. So WTF,” wrote Jen Villavicencio. 

“Dobbins is a talented player, but let’s just let him be talented. His mother’s decision was just that…HERS. We can’t take choice away from Ohio’s women bc of one feel good story about a football player,” wrote another incensed abortion advocate. 

Certainly, nobody is disputing that abortion is a woman’s choice, it’s just unfortunate and tragic that this “choice” results in the death of another human being. J.K. Dobbins wouldn’t exist today had his mother aborted him but not only that he would literally be dead. Liberals prefer to imagine babies just stop existing when they are aborted rather than them being actually killed.

The Red State writer goes on to say, “What you are seeing with these replies is an ideological movement that can’t look itself in the mirror. They want to bury the realities of abortion and not have to face it’s [sic] barbaric nature while pretending ‘choice’ is just some consequence-free abstract. When Johnson dared to put the contrast out there on national TV, it triggered the left because they don’t want people to think critically about what’s really happening when a child is terminated in the womb.”

Very well put and good for Gus Johnson for using his platform to push a compelling pro-life story and causing pro-abortion enthusiasts to take a hard look at the violent tragedy that is abortion.

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