Starbucks Teams Up With Charity That Supported Child’s Forced Transition


Although there is no love lost between Starbucks and The Activist Mommy, the former has gone beyond the pale with its latest “woke” move: seeking to raise £100,000 for a sinister pro-transgender organization that has supported the forced “gender transitioning” of children in the past.

Back in 2017, it was discovered that UK-based group Mermaids had a heavy hand in the case of a mother who lost custody of her 7-year-old son after forcing him to live nearly his entire life as a girl. The judge in that case ordered Mermaids to have no contact with the child after custody was awarded to his father and, to no one’s surprise, the boy resumed presenting according to his biological sex.

The group’s CEO has also earned a hefty dose of notoriety for cavalierly sharing anecdotes about taking her then-16-year-old son to Thailand to be castrated, years before it would have been legal to do so in the UK.

Now, Mermaids has become the beneficiary of a massive fundraiser by the leftist coffee giant.

Every time a customer in the UK buys a “Mermaids” cookie at their local Starbucks, 50 pence will be donated to the organization.

“As part of this campaign we saw an opportunity to leverage our scale to help leading LGBT+ charity Mermaids fund its helpline service, to accommodate transgender young people and their parents seeking support during what is often a confusing and challenging time for families,” said a Starbucks spokesperson according to The Daily Mail.

“Mermaids estimates that between April 2019 – March 2020 over 11,000 people will have reached out to its helpline and the funding from Starbucks will enable the team to employ an additional Helpline Operator to help meet this demand,” the spokesperson added.

Although Mermaids purports to be a charity offering transgender youth a lifeline, it is little more than a political action group influencing British policy with pseudoscience.

The Daily Mail reports:

The charity advises Government agencies, schools, the police and social workers. But critics say its advice is not objective, because it is run largely by parents with a transgender child.

Mermaids has argued the NHS should drop its ban on giving ‘cross-sex’ hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen to children under 16.

One of its representatives was even recorded just over a year ago telling teachers at an event in Birmingham that children as young as 12 should be given ‘puberty blocking’ drugs if they want them.

Although puberty blockers are frequently touted as a reversible and relatively safe way for children to stave off hormonal changes that doctors believe would aggravate their dysphoria, we’ve repeatedly pointed to research that instead demonstrates them to be irreversible and incredibly dangerous.

Starbucks has also produced an ad alongside Mermaids promoting the fundraiser and reminding LGBT consumers that the coffee chain is a “safe place:”

“Customers will not be aware they are supporting a charity which thinks it’s fine to tell children who – for a wide variety of reasons – don’t feel comfortable in themselves, that it might be because their body is ‘wrong’ and in need of medical fixing,” said Stephanie Davies-Arai, Transgender Trend, a group that “questions the transgender narrative.”

“This is not a fun world of rainbows and mermaids,” Davies-Arai added. “It is a world of puberty blockers, experimental hormones and sterilisation of children who face a life on medication.”

According to Forbes, this sinister organization has also recently received hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money through the Big Lottery Fund, causing Forbes writer Julian Vigo to denounce the public support of Mermaids’ particular brand of “pseudo-scientific hokum.”

Back in 2013, Vigo interviewed a member of Mermaids named Linda, who gave an alarming explanation of what the group considers to be “transgender behavior” in very young children:

She told me that this group supports parents who have children who do not ‘fit in’ with ‘gender roles.’  I ask what she meant exactly by ‘fitting in’ and Linda explains, ‘If you are a little girl who behaves like a boy, you will want to have your hair short, to play with the boys.  Even at play group they will be different…they will be picked on and those are the problems.’  I tell Linda that many little girls will have short hair and play with boys—I was one of those little girls.  She says, ‘I have known a lot of girls in my time and they don’t like rough and tumble..they don’t like playing with boys.  They like to play with dolls, dressing up, playing in the Wendy House, to grow their hair…’  Linda emphasises that it is important that these children ‘fit in,’ a phrase she often repeats in our discussion.

For Forbes, Vigo reports:

Since this article was published, Mermaids has gone on to expand its reach in the UK for children’s lives, with a British High Court judge banning Mermaids from communication with a family after it was discovered that the mother had forced her four-year-old son to live “life entirely as a girl.” In fact, Mermaids, a political lobby group and not a professional organization, recommends the services of Dr. Helen Webberley, a GP (general practitioner) who was told not to run her online transgender advice surgery by watchdog Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) earlier this year and who just two weeks ago was found guilty of offering sex-change hormones to kids. And even after this last ruling, where Webberley was suspended from her practice and fined £12,000 for failing to register her online advice services with a health regulator in Wales, still Mermaids continued to recommend this doctors practice on its website. They have only removed their recommendation to Webberley’s services very recently.

This organization is perhaps one of the most threatening pro-transgender groups influencing the United Kingdom today. It’s plain for any literate person who can conduct a Google search to see, yet Starbucks is so blinded by the leftist agenda that they’re willing to fork over a mountain of money to advance the medically-sanctioned abuse and mutilation of children.

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