State’s First LGBT-Centered Charter School Up For Consideration In Alabama


In Birmingham, Alabama, two charter schools are hoping to get the approval of the Birmingham school board if they are to open next year. 

One of these two schools, The Magic City Acceptance Academy, is to be the state’s first “LGBTQ focused” charter school.

And yes, this is the school’s real name. 

6WBRC reports:

The Magic City Acceptance Academy is one of the schools hoping to open next year. If approved, it could be the state’s first LGBTQ-focused charter school. It will be a 6th through 12th grade school primarily serving LGBTQ youth but open to everyone.

School leaders say LGBTQ youth often times face harsh environments in schools and are three times more likely to drop out of school.

“We want to meet kids where they are when they come to us and we want to lead them through the process of learning and what that looks like and what it’s about especially when you don’t have to worry about bullying and harassment and nonsupport from some of the adults that surround you,” Dr. Michel Wilson, principal of Magic City Acceptance Academy said.

The school will be located at the corner of 4th Ave. S. and 32nd St. right across the street from the old Baptist hospital operations building. It will serve about 250 students. About 50 people listening to the school’s proposal which received mix reviews.

“Birmingham City Schools – do they need work? Yes they do. But the solution is not always to push aside to allow other schools to come in. We need to work on what we do have,” said one skeptical community member who opposes charter schools. 

“Kids from across the state can come to the school. It can be a beacon of light and I think that this world we’re living in now, we need some light,” another a more supportive resident.  

Sad to think that a school deliberately aimed at turning children away from the Light of Christ in the Word of God.

The school’s main purpose will essentially be to shield young people who identify as LGBT from any viewpoints that may be “hurtful” to their feelings. The school will only affirm that their chosen lifestyles and identities are good and right because it’s “their truth” rather than teaching actual truth. This is a complete injustice to these children who will graduate unable to cope with the realities of the real world in which many, possibly the majority of, people do not openly embrace LGBT lifestyles as the “new” norm.

Pray that this school is not approved by the Birmingham school board. These young, impressionable students do not need an entire school affirming their wicked lifestyles. They need to hear the truth, no matter how hurtful it may feel. The truth is truly the only thing that will set them free from the bondage of sexual depravity and immorality the LGBT agenda imposes.

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