Steven Colbert Gives Rousing Endorsement of This Disgusting Netflix Show


The Late Show‘s Steven Colbert just hosted the creator of a Netflix show that many are calling “animated kiddie porn.” And he happily endorsed the show.

Nick Kroll is the co-creator of the show “Big Mouth” which premiered yesterday on Netflix. It is an animated series about children encountering puberty, and from all accounts, it is incredibly vile and graphic.

Steven Colbert had no problem hosting Kroll and asking him all about the show and laughing with him at how filthy and inappropriate it was.

“Is this the kind of show that parents would sit down and watch with their children?” Colbert asked, to the mocking laughter of the audience, Life Site News says.

Krolll smiled and answered, jokingly, “Steve, I’m going to leave that up to each and every individual parent.” Adding, “It’s very dirty.”

Colbert explained to the audience that the clip they had of “Big Mouth” could not be played on the air and that even when his team had blurred and bleeped out the clip, CBS still deemed it “too vulgar to show.”

“So we’re going to show it anyway,” Colbert joked, evoking further laughter from the audience.

“It’s so much better — and worse — than what you blurted out,” Kroll said when the clip was finished.

The previews and clips of the show are almost unwatchable. It is disturbing to think about why adults would want to create, or watch, an animated series that is entirely about young children going through puberty and discovering their sex drives in such a graphic way. What kind of sick mind do you have to have to come up with that?

“The profanity and crudeness makes it unsuitable for a younger audience, and the fact (that) it’s about literal kids going through puberty makes it unsuitable for an older audience,” observed Britney Harper of Project Republic.

Beyond the incredibly low-brow, lowest-common-denominator comedy, however, is a much darker reality. Anthony Khoury of the Vigilant Community explains that perhaps there is an explanation beyond a sick mind: normalizing pedophilia.

“Hollywood and the world elite are full of child (molesters) and they want to normalize their derangement,” he writes. 

Another elephant in the room which has been an issue since shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy became staples of American television is that children will naturally be attracted to animated shows, even if they are written for adults.

All parents should be advised to monitor their children’s screen time closely, but not every parent does. How many children with access to Netflix will come across this highly-publicized show and watch it on their own, only to have their young minds violated by something that is supposedly only meant for adults?

The last thing our over-sexualized culture needs is more discussion of the sexuality of children. To say the innocence of childhood is under attack in America would be a massive understatement.

Colbert topped off his enthusiastic endorsement of the show by pledging, along with Kroll, to donate proceeds from the sale of his Americone Dream ice cream flavor, which is produced by Ben and Jerry’s, to Puerto Rico Hurricane relief efforts for every celebrity who shared an awkward puberty picture of themselves with the hashtag #PuberMe. He reportedly crossed himself after doing so.

How nice.

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