Pro-Lifer Who Posted Pics Of Her Stillborn Baby Forced To Delete Her FB Profile After Haters Spam Her

A mother by the name of Felicia Cash has been forced to defend herself from a whole lot of hate in response to a photo she posted online of her 14-week-old stillborn baby.


As reported previously, Cash accompanied the photo with a message imploring those considering abortion to take a look at how developed the stillborn baby was.

One of the photos Felicia Cash shared.

“At less than half gestation he is very obviously human, not a cluster of cells, not a lump of tissue, not a blob of unformed flesh,” she wrote in reference to the prevalent progressive argument that aborted babies are nothing more than fetal tissue.

Those words, as the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reports, did not sit well with a number of internet users.

According to the outlet, “she said her personal Facebook page was flooded with so many hateful comments that she had to take it down and establish a public page, which filters out some of the most vile language.”

Even with that added precaution, CBN adds, “her father now manages the public page to shield his daughter from the continued backlash.”

On her Facebook page, Felicia Cash shares pro-life messages such as this one.

On the positive side, however, CBN reports that Cash has received a healthy amount of support for posting the image as well.

“As it turns out,” the outlet reports, “she’s not the only mother who has taken a picture of her stillborn child. Other moms offered pictures of their children.”

“Like Cash, these moms say the pictures of their stillborn children prove that even in the earliest days in its mother’s womb, a child is a human being and a person whose life has worth, despite only being in the beginning stages of pregnancy.”

Learn more about the reaction Felicia Cash’s original Facebook post has received via the video below.

If you feel touched by Felicia Cash’s story, please consider visiting her Facebook page here to send her a thoughtful message about how much you appreciate her.