Stop Telling Christians to Calm Down!


The viral article “Beauty and the Beast: Why Christian Parents Can Calm Down” written by Sara Wallace, is being shared far and wide and calls for Christians to “tone it down a notch.” People have sent it to me, asking for my opinion.

This article ticks me off!! Yes, there is some truth in it, but telling Christian parents to calm down about being upset that Disney is prostituting and defiling the minds of our children, is really the LAST thing Christian parents need to hear. Christian parents are not doing ENOUGH to push back against the darkness in our culture. If anything, we are asleep in our pews and on our devices, and completely unengaged in the battle to save our kids from the evil that seeks to devour their souls. Every time a Christian actually gets off their duff and raises a stink about something wicked (which is way too rare, by the way), you have these “calm down Christians” who rush in to provide a more moderate spin on the issue. They attempt to make the ones who are taking action look wild and intemperate.

The author states, “If we expect the world to act Christian we will always be let down.”

I am not expecting sinners to act like Christians. But I do expect that sodomites aren’t going to shove their perverted sex agenda down my kids’ throats. Years from now, when Disney or another company wants to strategically place a nod toward pedophilia in one of its cartoons, are you going to say, “Well we can’t expect sinners to act like Christians. I’ll have 4 tickets please to the pedophilia cartoon. After all, this is the culture our children have to learn to live in. We are teaching them how to respond to the culture by buying tickets to the pedophilia cartoon.” Pssshhhh!!!

Any parent who gives even a smidgen about their kids is not going to allow their children to have their minds and hearts defiled by entertainment that celebrates and laughs at what God calls an abomination. Young people’s little consciences grow dull and unable to discern truth from error when they keep seeing two perfectly normal looking men kissing each other or two nice looking women pushing a baby stroller. It is a slow and steady slide of indoctrination that may steal their hearts away from truth.

The author states, “Gay characters will be the norm in movies from now on.” Oh ok! Well just roll over and die, why don’t you? You’re going to die anyway! This kind of fatalistic outlook is exactly what put us in this Twilight Zone we live in right now! If Christian parents calm down, as the author suggests, she is exactly right…gay characters will be the norm in children’s movies from now on!

The author also states, “Our kids are watching us. Our response to this issue will shape how they live within this culture.” Exactly!! You’re kids are watching!! Calming down and doing nothing about the evil that is suffocating our culture, our schools, our entertainment, and even our churches is exactly what your kids DO NOT need to see you doing!! They need to see Mommy and Daddy pushing back and winning battles against the enemy. They need to see Mommy and Daddy taking righteous stands against the works of darkness. “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11) If all you ever do is “calm down” the Christians who are taking a stand, your kids will grow up to be as fatalist and lukewarm as you.

There is one thing the author said that I really do agree with! “We must raise alien children.” My husband and I have ten children we are raising to be different from the culture around them. We are blessed to have teenagers who have ventured into the uncomfortable waters of cultural depravity and are taking a stand against unrighteousness. It is by God’s grace that they have mustered the courage to not blend into their sensual and sinful surroundings. But I can also assure you that they haven taken their cues from their Mommy and Daddy who are not known for calming down in the face of sin and injustice, but to the contrary, boldly and lovingly opposing depravity in all its forms.

What will we be doing as a family about “Beauty and the Beast”? I would not let my child watch that rag of a movie for anything, and I certainly don’t want my money to go to supporting it either. We need to teach these companies with our pocketbooks that we do not want this kind of entertainment for our children.

Christian parents, I beg you…do not calm down!! Go berserk! Call the owner of your local theatre and ask them not to show the homosexual Beauty and the Beast. Ask your pastor if you can stuff an insert into this week’s church bulletin, warning parents of the homosexual content in the movie. (Many who are not active on social media will not have learned this information yet.) Think of something! Do something! But for the love of God and your kids, DON’T CALM DOWN!