Student Editor Forced to Resign for Insisting “Women Don’t Have Penises”


On this page, we spend a lot of time sounding the alarm to just how dangerous gender ideology is.

A lot of people think we do so out of hatred or “transphobia”, but our concern is multi-layered. For one, we believe in the infallible truth of God’s Word, which says that humans were created male and female. We do not believe God made mistakes when He handcrafted individuals in their mother’s womb.

We do, however, live in a fallen world, where people have many mental issues that need to be addressed. So secondly, we believe that gender dysphoria, rather than being the result of someone being “trapped in the wrong body”, is an affliction that requires treatment, and that agreeing someone is “trapped in the wrong body” and allowing them to go through life-altering hormonal and surgical procedures to change their body has not demonstrated itself substantially enough to be an effective treatment for this psychological condition.

Finally, even if you aren’t a Christian, even if you don’t care at all what hormones someone takes or surgery they get or pronoun they use, it is bone-chilling to see how many people in academia, the entertainment industry, and even Western governments are literally denying the truth and censoring speech in what they claim is an attempt to “validate” the “existence” of these individuals.

The result is nothing short of Orwellian.

In the UK, the student editor of a philosophy journal has been forced out of his job, simply for tweeting out an article entitled “Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?”, ironically clearly defending the simple statement of truth that comes along with much of the growing cultural attitudes towards transgenderism.

In an era where people say things like “some men get periods” and “some women have penises” and “not all pregnant people are women”, obviously blatantly untrue statements, it is incredibly important to stand our ground when it comes to speaking the objective truth, even if it results in hurt feelings.

And this is exactly what this student is doing.

The Blaze reports:

A student from the United Kingdom has been called “transphobic” and fired from his editor position at a student publication after supporting on social media the notion that “women don’t have penises,” Metro reported.

Angelos Sofocleous was assistant editor of Durham University’s philosophy journal, Critique, for just three days when he lost his job for sharing a Spectator piece titled, “Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?” on his personal Twitter account. His tweet has been deleted, the outlet said.

He also was “forced” to resign as president-elect of Humanist Students, Metro said, and was let go from his post as general editor the school’s online magazine, The Bubble.

Sofocleous made no apologies for his post, instead blasting the Humanist Students for their inability to “tolerate any criticism, either of their movement or their ideas, and are unable to engage in a civilized conversation on issues they disagree on.”

“These are individuals who think they hold the absolute right to determine which ideas can be discussed and what language can be used in a public forum,” he added.

More from his resignation statement:

I was surprised by the lack of willingness to engage in a discussion upon the issue by current and former members of the organization — members that otherwise promote freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and an environment in which ideas and opinions can be debated and challenged. Living in a free society and being present and active in a public forum means that one often witnesses comments that she may judge as offensive, divisive, or derogatory. Living in a democracy means that one will often offend and get offended. That’s the price one pays for being a member of a democracy and not existing into her own bubble.

He’s exactly right, of course. If you want to live in the sort of pluralistic society that will entertain the idea of accepting transgenderism in the first place, you have to be willing to at least co-exist with those who feel differently about this highly-ideological topic.

The blessing of our Western, Judeo-Christian cultures in the US and the UK is that Christians created a nation where everyone can live with certain liberties, even those who don’t agree with Judeo-Christian ones.

But as soon as you start picking who can determine truth, there goes liberty along with truth. And no one wants to live in that world. Trust me.

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