Students Bullied By Teacher For Wearing Marine Corps Shirts


Radical leftists have managed to gain so much influence in our culture because they have infiltrated both Hollywood and the classroom, indoctrinating impressionable young minds with their ideology through the means that reach them the best.

For those in need of an example to see just how far the leftist horror show in public schools has gone in recent years, look no further than El Rancho High School U.S. Government teacher Gregory Salcido.

Salcido was recently captured on video berating and belittling students who wore Marine Corps t-shirts, going on a complete verbal rampage against the military in the middle of class.

The Conservative Firing Line has the details:

The young man wearing one of the items tried to be careful about letting the teacher see what he was wearing after the rants started, but he had to turn in a paper. The teacher saw it saw it and the ranting got worse. Salcido began berating the student in front of the class, using expletives to describe his opinion of the military.

Gregory Salcido’s rants were so inappropriate that it’s a wonder he’s still employed at all. You can hear in one video that he starts in against the military by calling them “dumbsh**s” and that they aren’t “high level thinkers” and are the “lowest of the low.” “We haven’t been able to beat these guys wearing friggin’ robes… We don’t have a good military.”

He continued. “You join the military because you have no other options.” As he berated a student for wanting to join the military, saying “Somebody’s gonna tell you when to get up, when you can eat, when you can crap… why would anyone ever sign up for that?” He continued with his diatribe, saying things like “you’re gonna be desperate and you’re gonna need to jump out a window because you have no other options.”

“I don’t understand why they let these friggin military recruiters come into this school. We don’t let pimps come into the school. They’re just going to lie to you…”

This isn’t the first time Salcido has found himself in trouble for inappropriate behavior. Back in 2012 he was put on administrative leave after smacking a kid int he back of the head and demanding he get out of his class. He was also under investigation for racial remarks he made in 2010.

The student who spoke to Conservative Firing Line stated that Salcido also belittled people for their religious beliefs too. In other words, this “educator” who is supposedly a liberal who is all about equality and inclusivity is nothing more than a bully.

One of the reasons this student wanted to join the military was due to a family history of individuals serving their nation in the various branches of the armed forces, a legacy worth upholding and protecting.

This teacher needs to face some stiff consequences for his poor treatment of the kids entrusted to his care during the time they are in his class. They are supposed to be learning the blessings of living in a country with a government by and for the people, not listening to raging monologues from a demagogue.

Let’s hope school officials do the right thing and hold this man accountable for his actions.