Students at Halftime Show in Mississippi Enact Holding Police Officers at Gunpoint With Toy Rifles


Tell me again how the NRA is responsible for school shootings?

The halftime show at a high school football game in Mississippi has gone viral after a video of a scene students acted out from the movie John Q outraged parents.

In the scene, students dressed as doctors and nurses held students dressed as a SWAT team at gunpoint with plastic semi-auto rifles in a blatantly inappropriate and violent scene that had absolutely no place in a high school setting.

Just think how many adults actually learned of the student’s plans and allowed it to go forward.

In what universe was that a good idea? Who are schools hiring these days? Do these same administrators and teachers turn around and claim they don’t want to be armed to protect children? Just to encourage the children to normalize the shooting of police officers?

Some days I just can’t, y’all.

Newsweek reports:

any fans at a halftime show performance by the marching band at a high school in Mississippi were outraged at the show depicting students holding a toy gun and pointing it at another student.

Photos taken of the high school band performance from Forest Hill High School during their half-time show against Brookhaven High School in Jackson, Mississippi, made a lot of parents and fans angry as students dressed as doctors and nurses were holding SWAT team members at gunpoint, WLBT reported.

The show at Brookhaven High School comes just a week after the shooting deaths of two Brookhaven policemen, who were killed last Saturday, the Daily Leader reported. There were unofficial reports that the scene was an interpretation of the movie “John Q,” according to the publication.

Fans on Facebook wrote about watching the halftime show and said they found it to be inappropriate. Facebook user Jackie Kennedy Malone said the performance by the band from Forest Hill High School was from a scene of the movie John Q and wrote about her disgust over the show. The post garnered over 4,200 shares and over 2,200 reactions on Facebook.

The post has now been removed from Facebook and, if there is any decency left in the world, the adults who allowed this scene to happen will be held accountable.