Students Take Stand for Bathroom Privacy, Stage School Walk Out


It is inevitable.  The left’s ideology has been on the track of self-destruction since it went full blown extremist.  The idea of the left, where everyone is identified by their unique gender and ethnic traits and organized in a sort of caste-like system where victimhood potential determines rank, is heartwarming and sweet.  In practicality, it is impossible.

All around the country, even the world, we are seeing more and more uprising against the left’s fringe agendas.  Feminists clashing with Muslims, Muslims clashing with transgender people, transgender people clashing with feminists (and women in general), and around and around we go.  Schools have been the golden ticket for the pushing of the leftist agenda and indoctrination of young, impressionable minds.  Fortunately, students are starting to find their voices and taking a stand.

Such was the case last week in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  A protest erupted between two groups of students at Abraham Lincoln High School which was brought about by a female student who said her privacy was being violated because of the school allowing a male student who “recently began to identify as a girl” to use the girls’ bathroom.  During the morning she and about 20 other girls from the school walked out and began “chanting for privacy in restrooms, saying they don’t want boys transitioning into being girls to be in the restroom with them.”

Students being at odds with the leftist agenda is never a good sign for the left.  The rights of the LGBT, and specifically the T, seem to have made their way to the top of the leftist social hierarchy and whenever transgender rights are attacked, no matter how relevant the concerns, the left will hit back with insults and degradation.  This case was no exception.  Some transgender activists have alleged that the girls being uncomfortable changing or using the bathroom in the presence of biological boys must mean they are harboring internal transphobia.

The second group of protesters were countering the girl’s calls for privacy by chanting in favor of state law and the transgender agenda which allows for students to use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable using.

Feelings don’t matter.  Unless you’re higher in the left’s caste system, then that’s all that matters and those feelings have the power to affect laws and high school policies.

If you’re feeling victimized by the aggressive implementation of the left’s agenda, hopefully you are of the right skin color and gender identification.  Otherwise, you are required to quietly play along.

Emotions ran high during the clash at Abraham Lincoln High School.  One student, Elana Owens said, “We felt very uncomfortable with a male who’s not doing anything to be transgender going into female restrooms.”  Another student, Brandi Scherlund was in tears and added, “I believe if you have the male parts you go the males’ bathroom and if you have the female parts you go to a ladies room and that’s just the way I was raised.”

Naturally, those in favor of the school’s policy cited the law as being their support on the matter.  The Superintendent of the Council Bluffs Community School District Dr. Vickie Murillo contended that, “According to the U.S. Department of Education, which Iowa has adopted that same language and is now part of our state law, our students who are transitioning into a new gender have the right to use the restroom that they identify with.  So it is our obligation to allow that to occur.”

Complete lunacy.

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