Schools Allow Students To Walk Out To Protest DACA Repeal

We are continually slapped in the face with evidence that our nation’s educational system is more concerned with ingraining the liberal narrative in the minds of impressionable youngsters than providing them with the skills they need for the real world.


Here’s another big puff of smoke to prove that there’s a raging inferno that needs to be uncovered.

As MRC TV shares, “at least two high schools in Denver, Colo., allowed students to collectively walk out of class Tuesday to protest the Trump administration’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.”

School has just kicked off in many districts across the nation. Exactly how many students do you suppose are sitting around on a Tuesday morning worrying about a decision that the President of the United States made?

While we don’t have an exact number handy, we’ll fashion a guess that it’s not all that many. Of course, if the educators in this liberal enclave have their way, each and every student in the school is going to be mad as hell about it.

To make the spectacle that the high school created even more mind-numbing, the students had some company for their ‘protest.’

“The report notes that students were even provided a police escort as they marched from school to a few local area parks,” MRC TV notes.

Unreal. These school’s need to start being held accountable for their collective actions. Parents across the nation should be up in arms about the message that’s being sent here.

Don’t like something? Get up and walk out!

Unfortunately, these students aren’t being taught that this particular life skill will not serve them all that well in the real world.

That’s ultimately on the children’s parents and caretakers, but it’s unbelievable that they’ll even have to have the conversation in the first place.