Study Claims Choice Of Toys, Clothes Indicate “Gender Identity” In Children As Young As Three


A recent study has caught the attention of the pro-transgender crowd affirming the idea that children can “sense their gender identities” as young as three years old.

The only trouble is, of course, that the metrics by which researchers measured children’s “confidence” in their gender identity are the very metrics we’ve spent decades being taught don’t matter: toy and clothing preference.

According to Reuters, the study surveyed 317 transgender children ages 3-12, 189 of their siblings, and a 316-child “cisgender” control group. Researchers found that so-called “transgender” children developed a preference for toys and clothing of their chosen gender from an early age, while their confidence in that gender was “generally as strong as that of cisgender children.”

Now, a study like this is certain to be flawed from the start for the simple reason of starting with the premise that a child so young is, in fact, transgender. For example, did the researchers screen children and families for cases of Munchausen By Proxy, in which mentally ill parents—typically mothers—foist their preferred gender identity on their child? If researchers do not account for deranged parents like Anne Georgulas, the Texas pediatrician who allegedly withheld affection from her 7-year-old son, told him that monsters only eat little boys, and continues to fight for the legal right to “transition” him without the consent of his father, then their work is crippled by bias from the very beginning.

Heck, they can’t even be sure that the parents of these children aren’t just rabid pro-LGBT advocates who coached their kids before the study. It’s not that hard to imagine the LGBT equivalent of an overbearing stage mom nagging her child to do his part for LGBT rights everywhere. There is simply no way to ensure the quality of the children queried when we’re working with such a wildly zealous group of people.

But, of course, that won’t stop transgender advocates from adding it to their cache of affirming pseudoscience.

“Trans kids are showing strong identities and preferences that are different from their assigned sex,” lead author Selin Gulgoz said in a press statement. “There is almost no difference between these trans- and cisgender kids of the same gender identity — both in how, and the extent to which, they identify with their gender or express that gender.”

Pardon me, but I thought the enlightened thing to do these days was to allow children to play freely because toy preference doesn’t indicate gender, sexuality, or anything else to an innocent child living in a world of play. What ever happened to that ideology??

The study reported that transgender kids showed strong preferences for toys and clothing typically associated with their gender identity, not their assigned sex, the study found. Their preferences didn’t appear to differ based on how long they had lived as their current gender.

In addition to toy and clothing preference, researchers also asked the children how much they felt like a boy, a girl, or something else.

I can’t help but wonder—did they ask the three- and four-year-olds how much they felt like a whale shark or a fire truck? What sort of follow-up questions and prompts were offered to the child who answers, “I don’t know”? Would he be told that “feeling like a girl” means playing with dolls? The Reuters report doesn’t say, and these are incredibly important questions that no one in the mainstream seems to have bothered to ask.

Perhaps the single most destructive flaw of the study, which the study team concedes as “one limitation,” is the fact that all the transgender kids had families who affirmed their “current gender identity” and that “transgender youth” in less affirming environments might have different experiences.

Don’t you think that might be something you’d want to account for in the study? How do you sift the parents who simply “affirm” their child’s gender confusion from those who actively brainwash their children with gender-bending ideology? The researchers clearly didn’t even attempt to, rendering the study absolutely worthless.

When shared on Twitter by NBC News, the study was readily shot down as absolute bunk by virtually every commenter.

Here are our favorite observations:

If you ask me, BlazeTV commentator and podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey absolutely nailed it:

What more can be said? This is sheer insanity. As a society, we can’t continue doing this to our children for much longer before disastrous consequences start to ripple.

Lord, have mercy on us!!

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