Study Finds a Stunning 1,500 Differences Between Boys and Girls, Undermines Leftist Gender Theory


As if the basic biology that determines gender and the obvious general differences between males and females wasn’t easy enough to understand, scientists have uncovered a stunning 1,559 characteristics that differ between men and women, Life Site News is reporting.

Molecular geneticists conducted the study, The landscape of sex-differential transcriptome and its consequent selection in human adults, which mapped thousands of genes from 53 different types of tissue unrelated to the reproductive system.

“Overall, sex-specific genes are mainly expressed in the reproductive system, emphasizing the notable physiological distinction between men and women,” they found.

“However, scores of genes that are not known to directly associate with reproduction were also found to have sex-specific expression (e.g., the men-specific skin genes),” they added.

“The findings suggest to the casual reader,” Life Site News notes, “that there is much more involved in the notion of changing one’s gender to the opposite sex than simply surgery and hormonal treatment.”

The researchers, Moran Gershoni and Shmuel Pietrokovski of the Weizmann Institute’s Molecular Genetics Department, concluded that “Our results can facilitate the understanding of diverse biological characteristics in the context of [the male and female] sex.”

“Men and women differ in obvious and less obvious ways – for example, in the prevalence of certain diseases or reactions to drugs. How are these connected to one’s sex? Weizmann Institute of Science researchers recently uncovered thousands of human genes that are expressed – copied out to make proteins – differently in the two sexes,” states a report based on the findings of the Weizmann study.

Imagine that–men and women are different from head to toe. Who knew?