Stunned Parents Make UK Government Remove Question Asking If Kids Feel Different Than Birth Gender


The push for the normalization of transgenderism continues to move forward, targeting children for the indoctrination of this perversion and it’s widespread acceptance as a means of destroying the traditional family unit, which God created to be the backbone of civilized society.

Hardly a day seems to roll past where we’re not bombarded with insanity regarding gender issues and how public schools are doing their best to make the mental disorder known as gender dysphoria into something normal and even beautiful and unique. This is disturbing for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that a huge percentage of transgender people suffer massive depression and attempt suicide.

A prime example of the ridiculous indoctrination that’s happening across the world regarding this issue is what happened recently in the UK. Shocked parents sought action against the National Health Service to remove a question that asks primary school students if they “feel different” to the gender they were born with, a baiting question designed to promote a clear leftist agenda in favor of transgenderism.

The Christian Post is reporting:

The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday that the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust will no longer be widely asking the question, which is found on surveys that 10- and 11-year-olds are given to complete.

“We recognize that these are important issues and the need for sensitivity and an appropriate approach, particularly with very young children,” a spokesperson added.

“As such we will be adopting a more targeted approach to this in the future rather than asking this question universally of all children.”

The Trust explained that the question had been added following advice from “sexual health specialists, the charity Lancashire LGBT and primary schools,” who said that there has been a growing number of school age children asking for advice and support on the matter.

Parents were not at all pleased about many of the questions on the survey, and when you see their reasoning as to why, it’s really hard to argue with them.

Here’s a small sample of their responses:

The mother continued: “Now, that doesn’t sound too bad does it? But when I followed the link to the questionnaire I was really shocked at the type of questions they are asking, bearing in mind that these are still only 10- and 11-year-old children.”

Michael Beverley said: “Asking a 10,11 year old to clearly explain themselves on paper in a format they’ll mostly associate with ‘testing’ can’t possibly yield useful results.

“The government should be spending the money/energy on encouraging and educating teachers and parents to ask these questions,” he added.

This is definitely something that’s deeply troubling and should be of concern for those of us state side because how Europe tends to go is the same path the United States will likely take too. Liberals really love the brand of socialism countries on that side of the world have implemented, despite the fact the economy in these places and the liberty of citizens are both super wrecked.

The bottom line is, God doesn’t make mistakes, therefore, if you were born with male DNA and male body parts, guess what? You are a boy! Doesn’t matter if you feel like one or not. That was the plan God had for you from the beginning, and given He’s a good God, you can rest assured that His plans, His way of doing things, is far better than ours.