Erratic Student Shot By Police is Turned Into Gender Fluid Martyr By Rioting Antifa


On Monday night, 21-year-old Scott “Scout” Schultz, who had a history of depression, was fatally shot by police on the campus of Georgia Tech after a standoff with police in which he ignored their repeated commands to stand down.

While most police shootings involving young white men go unnoticed by the left, this one didn’t for one simple reason: Schultz was an LGBTQ activist who preferred the pronoun “they/them” to him or her. Straight white male shot by police? Yawn. Someone who pretends they have no gender?

Cue the martyrdom.

The whole incident was captured in an incredibly clear video in which you can see that Schultz, who left three suicide notes in his dorm room according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, refused to stand down and continued to advance on police with a knife in his hand while their guns were drawn and they pleaded with him.

He was shot only once and fell to the ground. You can see the full video here, but be warned that it does clearly show Schultz being shot.

Despite what seems like a pretty cut-and-dry case, the outcries began almost instantly from his friends and the greater LGBTQ community. You can probably fill in the blanks yourself–excessive force this, discrimination that, transgender and non-binary people kill themselves and it is all our fault.

Enter Antifa.

It must have been exciting for Antifa to have a fresh opportunity to riot, and the police shooting of a gender-non-binary guy was perfect. The Daily Wire published the play-by-play tweets of a journalist who was covering the event, and it’s clear Antifa simply crashed the vigil, to the credit of the students who organized it.

They showed up, donning masks, and got to work setting fires, attacking police officers, and vandalizing the campus of one of our nation’s finest technical institutes.


Loss of life is no joke, but while it is one thing to take time to mourn with a vigil, it is quite another to make this young man a martyr and to riot in his name. The officers who shot Schultz clearly did not want to end the life of this troubled young man, who had called them himself and given his own description as a suspicious person on campus, and repeatedly ignored their instructions.

Antifa is a terrorist organization that exists simply to damage property and cause chaos. Regardless of ideology, they are violent thugs that need to be shunned by all civilized society.

As for this troubled young man that sadly seemed so intent on ending his life, his passing ought to represent not how “brutal” the police are, but just how lost someone has to be to try to deny the very body God put them in. He was a man, at the end of the day, no matter what he tried to convince himself and others. His struggles against this fact most likely were ultimately what led to him being so determined to end his own life.

Please pray for the family of this young man in what is surely a sad and distressing time.