Sweden Will Not Prioritize Elderly Coronavirus Patients For ICU


This is what happens when humanism dictates public health policies. 

Sweden will not be giving priority to elderly coronavirus patients as the nation battles the coronavirus pandemic, implementing coldly pragmatic measures that the hard-hit nation of Italy has had to resort to as well. 

A document from the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm confirms talks from last month in which it was determined that “coronavirus patients over 80 and those over 60 with multiple organ failure will not be given priority for intensive care.”

Aftonbladet reports that the document also states that any patients who fall in those categories that experience organ failure while in an ICU could find themselves being removed from intensive care. 

Italy was apparently forced to implement such  harsh guidelines as they became the epicenter of the disease in Europe. According to Breitbart, Italian doctors revealed that those over the age of 80 who were in need of intensive care would likely not be treated.

“If someone between 80 and 95 has serious breathing difficulties, you probably don’t proceed [with treatment],” said Bergamo hospital anesthetist Christian Saloroli, according to Breitbart.

Breitbart explains the Swedish medical community’s criteria for making these priority determinations:

The concept of “biological age”, which can be assessed as either higher or lower than a patient’s chronological age, is also mentioned in the document as a potential guideline. But a doctor who spoke to the newspaper stated it was difficult for medical practitioners to use the concept in practice.

“It is not chronological age but biological age that applies in assessing patients for intensive care. The medical priority is always based on the patient’s prognosis to cope with intensive care and to recover,” a spokesman from the Karolinska University Hospital told the paper.

To make matters even worse, late last month, Dr. Thomas Lindén, of the National Board of Health and Welfare, said that hospitals could and would likely give priority to illegal migrants over elderly Swedes infected with the coronavirus.

“The principles of prioritisation say that we should prioritise on the basis of medical needs and that all people have equal value. It means for someone who works in the healthcare industry that it is the people you have ahead of you, then you should not think about legal status, citizenship or so, but it is the medical need that should govern,” he said, according to Breitbart

Socialized healthcare is all fun and games until the government gets to decide who is worthy of receiving treatment and who isn’t. Very rarely, if ever, do the elderly benefit from socialism which is centered on those who can contribute to society. It just isn’t cost-effective to provide life-saving medical care for the elderly who can no longer work and pay taxes. 

This is the grim reality of the death culture that is socialism. 

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