Switzerland Criminalizes “Homophobia,” Will Impose Fines And Prison Time


The people of Switzerland have officially made it a crime to defend God’s clear design for human sexuality.

On Sunday, Swiss voters filled the polls to cast their ballots for several popular initiative referendums. Most notably, a law that criminalizes “discrimination,” “hate speech” and other forms of public “insults” toward homosexuals due to their “sexual orientation” passed by a 63.1% majority.

Now, such “homophobia” will be punishable by a fine and up to three years’ imprisonment.

LifeSiteNews reports:

With the new legislation, the aggravating circumstance of a victim’s homosexuality will be added to the original 1994 anti-discrimination and hate speech law in Switzerland’s penal code that already criminalized discrimination on the basis of race or religion. How it will be applied in practice will be determined by jurisprudence. To date, sanctions for discrimination and hate speech under the original law are usually limited to fines, only rarely moving up the scale to a suspended prison sentence.

However, the basis for public control of opinion on the question of homosexuality has now been laid and the door has been opened to thought police on the subject. Moreover, LGBT groups have already made clear that they plan to capitalize on the success of their agenda: they now want hate speech laws to “protect” trans people and “gender identity” and are already campaigning in that direction.

Of course. Where the “Ls,” the “Gs,” and the “Bs” go, the “Ts” are sure to follow.

Aside from public acts, insults, and so-called “hate speech,” it is expected that referring to homosexuality as an “illness” or suggesting any form of treatment or repentance will also be criminalized. It will also become illegal to refuse to service to homosexuals in private businesses.

Although nearly two-thirds of voters supported the new measure, LifeSite notes that only 41 percent of registered voters turned out to vote in its favor. How incredibly disappointing! Had enough people cared to make their way down to the polls to protect their own free speech, we might be reporting a different story!

The vote is also expected to rekindle the fires of the same-sex “marriage” debate within Switzerland, as well as adoption and medically assisted procreation. As of this time, only civil unions are available to Swiss same-sex couples.

Oddly enough, there was a small group of LGBT people opposed to the legislation.

“I campaign for the acceptance and normalization of my sexuality,” said Michael Frauchiger, co-president of a committee called “Special rights NO!”

“But for me, normalization also signifies not to demand special rights,” Frauchiger continued, stating that the law will actually add to the “stigmatizing” of homosexuals.

Others argued that the law was unnecessary at best and dangerous at worst.

“Firstly, the new law is not justified because a penal law already exists,” Eric Bertinat, UDC, municipal councillor of Geneva said in an interview. “Secondly, a penal law is something serious. The simple fact of being accused makes that you really will be held accountable. And most importantly, it really gives a thought tribunal to a lobby, a group – and historically, that is not at all what we want in Switzerland. On the contrary, we always seek an overall vision.”

“In this case, we are really giving arms to a group in order for it to defend its prerogatives,” Bertinat continued. “We already know in which direction they are heading: ‘marriage for all,’ adoption and many other demands which we, of course, shall be opposing.”

It is a dark day when a nation proudly, arrogantly turns its back on God and His design. He will not be mocked!

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