Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Ohio Introduces Bill to Treat Abortion as the Crime It Really Is

In the wake of mass Republican betrayal of pro-life voters everywhere, one bill coming out of Ohio this week is both invigorating and inspiring. 

Rabid Abortion Activist Targets Pregnancy Centers, Wishes She Aborted 15-Year-Old Son

There is a lot of disgusting rhetoric that comes out of the pro-abortion movement, with one of the most disturbing examples being how many of the women involved are encouraged to celebrate the murder of their unborn children. Many of the individuals fighting to keep abortion legal have stooped to...

Good Job on the State of the Union, Mr. President. But You Forgot Something.

There was, however, one major topic he failed to address in his speech: the genocide of unborn American lives that is taking place in our country each and every day. 

Heartbreaking: New Analysis Reveals Over 60,000,000 Children Murdered Since Roe V. Wade

There's little doubt when you look at the statistics that abortion in America has reached such a horrifically high level that it's completely appropriate to call it a holocaust. Once upon a time this wasn't the case in our great country, as the norm that most of our culture and...

Abortion Provider Launches Billboard Campaign, Calls Procedure “Good Medicine”

No matter how hard progressives might try to change reality, the truth about abortion is that it is murder of the unborn, a heinous and ultimate denial of our most vulnerable citizens' precious rights, and a complete assault on the glory of God. Pro-abortionists have done their best over the...

Live Action Banned From Twitter Advertising; This is How They’re Fighting Back

Earlier this month, Twitter banned pro-life group Live Action from advertising on the social network, for supposedly "sensitive content" in their ads. They claimed that Live Action's messages were unscientific and "misleading." Among these "sensitive" and "misleading" advertisements were ultrasound images of unborn babies, the unborn babies that Live Action...

British OBGYN Compares Abortion to Removing a Bunion; This is How 650 Doctors Responded

The response of 650 doctors to the flippant remarks made by a pro-abortion OBGYN this week certainly prove that many in the medical community oppose Britain's upcoming vote on loosening abortion restrictions. 

Matt Walsh: If You Really Want To Fight Nazism In America, Focus On The Abortion Industry

Matt Walsh, a Christian columnist writing for The Blaze, has a suggestion for liberals adamant about fighting Nazism in America: look no further than the abortion industry. In his column, Walsh recounts a CBS headline published on Monday declaring, "Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion." "Of...