Sunday, May 28, 2023


WNBA to Donate Ticket Sales to Planned Parenthood

ou may be surprised to learn that the WNBA is still around, but it is, and it's clearly as left-leaning as other sports organizations like the NFL who shamelessly bow to the left-wing agenda in spite of the fans who fill the seats of their stadiums.

Trump Admin Providing Undocumented Minors With Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Information

It certainly is ironic how the left claims to care so much about the lives of undocumented immigrants, and yet they're appalled at the idea of actually preserving the lives of babies inside the wombs of undocumented immigrants. 

Alabama Abortion Clinic Failed to Report Sex Abuse of 13-Year-Old Potential Human Trafficking Victim

An Alabama abortion clinic has been cited by the Alabama Department of Public health for violating state law--twice--that requires the clinic to report pregnancies in girls under the age of 14, which has led to concerns that the girl was being trafficked. 

Abortion Lobby Wants Google to Censor Pro-Life Clinics for “Tricking” Women Into Not Getting Abortions

The left is so adamantly in favor of abortion they actually openly lament the fact that pro-life clinics are successfully convincing women not to murder their own children.

Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Forced to Apologize After Calling for Post-Abortive Disney Princess

Sometimes, when a pro-abortion individual or group makes a bold statement that is so honest about the true agenda behind abortion, they're forced to back down by the same people who fully support their cause because they were a little too honest. 

Student Organizes School Walkout to Protest Abortion

High school students across the country have been quite obedient over the last few weeks to the direction of the mainstream media, left-leaning teachers, and parents who support their right to march against whatever is politically expedient for the gun-grabbing agenda. 

Pro-Life Activists Try to Stop “Uber for Abortion Pills” App in Texas, North Carolina

It is apparently not enough that many forms of birth control and the "morning-after pill" are available over-the-counter and at doctor's offices for women across the country, a Silicon Valley start-up thinks that it should be delivered to a woman's house like a pizza. 

Celebrities Say Boiling Lobsters Is Inhumane Because They Feel Pain; Abortion Still Legal

A group of British celebrities apparently values the life of bottom-feeding (albeit delicious) crustaceans as more valuable than the lives of those that belong to their own species. 

Rabid Abortion Activist Targets Pregnancy Centers, Wishes She Aborted 15-Year-Old Son

There is a lot of disgusting rhetoric that comes out of the pro-abortion movement, with one of the most disturbing examples being how many of the women involved are encouraged to celebrate the murder of their unborn children. Many of the individuals fighting to keep abortion legal have stooped to...

Good Job on the State of the Union, Mr. President. But You Forgot Something.

There was, however, one major topic he failed to address in his speech: the genocide of unborn American lives that is taking place in our country each and every day. 

Church Of Scientology Being Sued By Former Member Over Forced Abortions

Over the last few years, several high profile celebrities have bolted from the Church of Scientology and have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to exposing the awful beliefs and practices of this cult. One of the bigger names to do this is actress Leah Remini who created an...

Cecile Richards Resigns From Planned Parenthood As FBI Investigation Picks Up Steam

In a stunning and oh so conveniently timed announcement, Planned Parenthood's chief butcher, CEO Cecile Richards, has resigned from her post. Richards presided over the organization for more than three million abortions, which really means the innocent blood of three million children is dripping from her hands, a crime she...

Satanic Temple Suing To Overturn Pro-Life Law, Claims It Violates “Religious Liberty”

With the murder of children in the womb being the most important issue of our time, it's very disturbing to see the left, who claim to be all about equal rights, fighting tooth and nail to make sure this horrific crime remains legal. Leftists will organize large protests to express...

Tim Tebow’s Mom Shares Powerful Testimony At March For Life: ‘Told To Abort, But Chose to Trust God’

Abortion is one of the most, if not the absolute most important issue facing our day and age, as it's literally a matter of life and death for thousands and thousands of unborn children every single year. On top of the obvious implications, abortion is also a threat to our...

Heartbreaking: New Analysis Reveals Over 60,000,000 Children Murdered Since Roe V. Wade

There's little doubt when you look at the statistics that abortion in America has reached such a horrifically high level that it's completely appropriate to call it a holocaust. Once upon a time this wasn't the case in our great country, as the norm that most of our culture and...

Planned Parenthood Expanding Services To Include Sex-Change Therapy For Minors

Planned Parenthood, the country's leading provider of abortions and a hotbed of leftist progressive ideology, has decided to find some additional revenue sources to help pay the bills and keep the doors of their baby murder mills open. Not only are they going to be the leaders in slaughtering the...

Horrifying: Baby Born Premature Denied Care By Hospital

We seem to live in the midst of a culture that is morbidly obsessed with self and with death as people continue to devalue human life, a truth that is evident by the horrifying ways we as a society treat our most vulnerable citizens: the elderly and the unborn. What's...

Miracle: Baby Survives Abortion, Clinic Offers To Kill Her Again, Mom Says “No”

Abortion is murder and while the left might want to debate that point until they are blue in the face, no amount of moral gymnastics will be able to twist this fact up to make it not true. And that's certainly not for a lack of trying either. However, to see...

Pastor And Priest Advise Rape Victims To Get Abortions

With a culture that has gone completely off the deep end by wildly embracing and rejoicing in the murder of the unborn, there is a deep need for more and more people to boldly stand in the gap for children in the womb. Hollywood is constantly pushing abortion along with...

Sick: College Student Argues In Favor Of “Aborting” 2-Year-Olds

The worldview of those who support abortion -- the murder of the unborn -- is morally bankrupt, but when you actually carry out such a position to it's logical conclusion the depravity is horrifying and absolutely inhuman. One of the main arguments that pro-abortion supporters use to justify the slaughter...

New Study Destroys Feminist Lie, Women Say Abortion Was Not Liberating

Pro-abortion supporters will go to any lengths necessary to promote the slaughter of the unborn as something good, wholesome, natural, and as sick as it sounds, "liberating." There have been whole social media campaigns built around the concept of bragging about child murder, as places like Planned Parenthood and Preterm...

Abortion Provider Launches Billboard Campaign, Calls Procedure “Good Medicine”

No matter how hard progressives might try to change reality, the truth about abortion is that it is murder of the unborn, a heinous and ultimate denial of our most vulnerable citizens' precious rights, and a complete assault on the glory of God. Pro-abortionists have done their best over the...

Great News! Iowa Planned Parenthood Loses Taxpayer Funding, Shuts Down

Planned Parenthood is the country's leading provider of abortions, helping to facilitate the murder of thousands of unborn children each and every year, making them one of the most efficient killing machines in the history of the world. And while that in and of itself is grisly, what's even more...

Cecile Richards Now Encouraging Women to Brag About Murdering Unborn Children

There's no act more heinous, horrifying, and absolutely disturbing than ending a child's life viciously in the womb. The act itself is barbaric and is something one would expect to see in a horror film, packed full of dismemberment, neck snapping, sucking brains out, and other awful things too...