Sunday, October 1, 2023


Alabama Abortion Clinic Failed to Report Sex Abuse of 13-Year-Old Potential Human Trafficking Victim

An Alabama abortion clinic has been cited by the Alabama Department of Public health for violating state law--twice--that requires the clinic to report pregnancies in girls under the age of 14, which has led to concerns that the girl was being trafficked. 

AL Sec. of State to Certify Doug Jones Despite Legal Move By Moore

It seems there's more controversy headed for the Alabama senate election, as Secretary of State John Merrill has said he is going to certify Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of the seat, despite the fact Roy Moore filed a challenge to the results. Moore filed the complaint on December...

The Anti-Prayer Atheists Groups Are At It Again…

Why are atheists so obsessed with trying to eliminate any hint of faith from every single public institution in the country? Don't they have anything better to do?