Sunday, October 24, 2021

Australia same-sex marriage

The Violent Anger of Pro-Gay Marriage Activists in Australia

Australia is in the throes of a massive ideological battle over what the definition of marriage should be, and "yes" voters--those who are voting to include same-sex couples in the definition of marriage--have been far from gracious.

One Simple Photo Triggered LGBT Activists to Harass This Australian Woman Relentlessly

"No" voters in Australia -- those who will be voting no on a national survey on same-sex marriage -- have been exposed to an unbelievable amount of harassment, from losing their jobs and being spit on, to being headbutted in the street and being threatened with arson.

Woman Raised By Same-Sex Couple Says Children Deserve Both Mother and Father

As Australia debates their own vote on same-sex marriage, an American woman who was raised by a same-sex couple is visiting to share her story and give a face to some of the damage that can be done when we pretend homosexual couples are just the same as heterosexual couples.