Wednesday, August 17, 2022

ben shapiro

Leftist Student Asks Ben Shapiro Why Fetuses Have Moral Value, Brutal Take Down Ensues

Last night was Ben Shapiro's highly-anticipated speech at the free speech warzone that is the University of California Berkeley. Shapiro, a staunch conservative who is famed for his debate skills and ability to destroy all leftist arguments in his sleep, was approached by a self-proclaimed "left-leaning" student during the...

Hilarious Comedy Sketch Sums Up The Leftist Snowflake Reaction To Ben Shapiro’s UC Berkeley Gig

A hilarious comedy sketch from The Blaze beautifully sums up the leftist snowflake reaction to conservative speaker Ben Shapiro's event at UC Berkeley tonight. In the clip, a therapist – played by The Conservative Millennial – attempts to console a student – played by Matt Walsh – upset over Shapiro's...