Thursday, June 8, 2023

child abuse

University of Michigan Holds Lecture to Explore Sexual Relationships Between Men and Boys

Pederasty is a term used to describe the nature of a sexual relationship between young boys and men. You may remember that last week we told the tragic story of the childhood of Moira Greyland. 

Over $31,000 Raised for Father Who Lunged At Larry Nassar In Court

Randall Margraves is the father of two girls who were victims of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar who is currently on trial for sexually abusing over 150 women. Following his daughters' testimony, Margraves made his request to the judge, but when she denied his requested five minutes alone with Nassar, that was when he lunged across the courtroom and lunged at the monster. 

After Turpin Case, California Wants to Treat All Homeschoolers Like Child Abusers

Despite the fact that the data simply does not support a correlation between homeschooling and child abuse, the horrific case of the 13 Turpin children being held captive and starved in their own home has prompted California legislators to harshly and unconstitutionally scrutinize parents who chose to educate their children at home. 

DISGUSTING: 18-Month Old Baby Murdered Just Weeks After Being Adopted By Gay Couple

We think trigger warnings are for snowflakes, but it is worth noting that this story will make your blood absolutely boil, especially if you are a parent. 

Hollywood’s Open Secret About Hugh Hefner and Child Pornography

While Hefner is well known for the hoards of busty women often being taken advantage of in his "grotto", his failed marriages, and his line of girlfriends each younger than the next, what many people don't realize is that on at least two occasions, he published child pornography, right out in the open.

Report: Britain Is Letting Hundreds Of Child Rapists & Abusers Off The Hook With Mere Warnings

Breitbart recently reported on an investigation by the Hampshire Chronicle looking into a disturbing trend of warnings being given for rape and other serious sexual offenses in Britain. In the U.K. a formal warning is intended as an alternative to prosecution in minor cases, however, the Chronicle’s investigation found more...

Progressives Cheer At Disturbing Video Of EIGHT YEAR OLD Drag Queen

Progressives on Facebook appear thrilled at a video featuring an 8-year-old boy who enjoys transforming himself into a drag queen by the name of Lactatia. In the disturbing clip, produced by ELLE magazine, the boy – whose real name is Nemis – states, "Lactatia is the diva-est diva you could...