Thursday, June 8, 2023

Christian censorship

University in Ireland Refuses to Allow Documentary on Ex-Homosexuals to Be Played on Campus

There is a disturbing trend in the Western world to censor and suppress the simple truth from being discussed simply because it does not fit the narrative of the politically-correct left. 

Rosie Accuses Trump of Child Rape, Twitter Silent; Activist Mommy Slams Teen Vogue, Gets Shadow Banned

Our very own Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, has been a victim of Twitter's Orwellian censorship, having received numerous tweets from followers who shared they hadn't seen much of the content she posts in their timelines.

Activist Mommy Gets CENSORED On Twitter

The concept of social media as a means of sharing information, ideas, opinions, and truth is one that should absolutely be celebrated by conservatives and Christians and utilized to the max to bring the ultimate glory to God and help others see Him more clearly. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide...

Tech Giants Google, Facebook Busted Censoring Christians

If you're a bold, outspoken believer in Jesus and happen to love America and the cause of liberty, then you might have noticed that certain tech companies and social media platforms aren't so friendly toward your views. Many Christians have found themselves in "Facebook jail" for sharing what hardcore leftists...

In the UK, Opposing Homosexuality Publicly Can Get You Expelled

Two years ago, a Christian student in the UK was daring enough to post his views on homosexuality on Facebook. Like so many Christians around the world, 39-year-old Felix Ngole, a graduate at Sheffield University, didn't publicly berate a gay person, he didn't bash anyone in the street, and he certainly didn't throw anyone off a building.